Tree Crown Thinning

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Tall trees are beautiful. But they can also become problematic. When a tree has a large canopy or crown, it can interfere with other trees, surrounding buildings, and overhead utility wires. Besides, such a tree can block your house and your garden from accessing natural light.

Additionally, trees that have a large canopy usually have heavy limbs that are also potentially dangerous. Due to their size, these limbs are likely to be distorted. Therefore, reducing the crown of such a tree is one of the ways to make it more appealing.

Reducing the crown can also mitigate any dangers that can result from an oversized tree. There are different methods that we use to cut a tree canopy. These include crown thinning and crown reduction methods.

At Nottingham Tree Surgery and Arborist Services we have significant experience with reducing and thinning tree crowns. Once you contact us, the first thing that our arborist will do is access the tree and determine the best cause of action. We can always fully remove a tree if this is your wish.

The primary method we use to change the canopy of a tree is the crown thinning method. Here, we prune the secondary branches on the tree. We also ensure that the natural structure, as well as the overall size of the tree, remains intact.

We aim to reduce the density of the tree. As a result, your home will have more light passing through, wind resistance will be diminished, the tree’s growth rate will reduce, and the form of the tree will be improved.

Besides, thinning will reduce the amount of storm damage. If you want to maintain the size of your tree, this is the method that you should consider. On the other hand, some trees can only be readjusted by reducing their canopy.

Canopy reduction is a process that requires great skill and expertise. This is because reducing the size of the canopy can stress the tree. The stress occurs due to the cuts needed during the process. Overall, the operation aims to reduce the height of the tree and spread the canopy.

Our tree surgeons will also access the root system of your tree. In some cases, the root system of a sizeable maturing tree can decay. If this happens, the tree is considered a hazard to you and your property. The solution for such a tree is a crown reduction. 

You, therefore, need our expert skills to remove the branch ends of your tree. Our arborists are well trained for the job. Hence, they will ensure that the natural shape of your tree remains as much as possible. 

If you live in Nottingham and you require tree crown thinning and reduction services, do not hesitate to contact us on our website or number. We offer professional, friendly, and efficient services.

Besides, we plan to ensure that all the trees in the  Nottingham region  are cared for. At  Nottingham Tree Surgery and Arborist services, our pleasure is to serve you and solve all your tree issues. Call us today!​

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Tel:      0115-824-3203