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When you need a tree surgeon, it is important to find a professional company who will do the job right. Our Ripley in Derbyshire are committed, not only for health and safety, that we take very seriously, but also the natural surroundings, environment and the buildings that are close to trees. We cover every aspect of tree surgery and arborist work, including tree felling, tree removals, tree trimming, tree pruning and the removal of tree stump with our grinding equipment. If you have a dangerous tree that is growing too close to a building to be deemed safe, or you just need us to remove a few overhanging branches, then get in touch with us soon, as we offer a free assessment and quotation, together with expert advice. We always take great care when working on customers’ property, we are respectful and courteous at all times. You are welcome to call us at any time for free advice and quotation.

Tree Services that we offer around Ripley

Tree Removal Service

Tree Felling Service

Conifer reduction & Removal

Tree Reductions and Limb and branch removal

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Stump Removal & Tree Stump Grinding

Hedge Cutting, Maintenance & Removal

Tree & Woodland Maintenance

​Landscaping Projects

Ground Clearance

Ivy Removal

Tree Removal and Sectional Dismantling

We will take any problem tree down with care to ensure that it doesn’t cause any problems. For the customers who have a difficult situation like having their trees next to utility cables, near buildings or just in the way of progress, then we can help remove them safely and securely by using our skills at something we call in the business as sectional dismantling; this process starts on top of the tree’s branches and we work our way down, gradually taking the tree away piece by piece until the tree has gone! Straight felling a tree close to buildings can cause all sorts of problems as you can imagine if it fell the wrong way and struck something it shouldn’t. Sectional dismantling with specialist equipment such as ropes, pulleys and rigging is the safest way by sure, we even use cranes on occasion if the tree is very large and needs to be lifted over obstacles. The cost of tree removal can only be assessed onsite, as every tree removed is different and the price needs to be carefully worked out by looking at various things such as the size of the tree, position of the tree, and the overall complexity of the project. But I assure you we will give you the keenest price for any tree removal in Ripley. Our quotes are free so give us a call if you have a tree that is in a dangerous position, or sick and diseased, best get it looked at promptly, because the last thing you want is it to fall through natural occurrence or blown over by adverse weather conditions. You will be in the safe hands of Derbyshire’s tree surgery experts.

​Tree Felling

Do you need a tree felled for any reason?

Tree felling is the process of cutting down or removing trees. Common reasons for doing this are to stop a fruit tree producing fruit, because it has become diseased and could spread the disease to other healthy trees in a garden. It can also be done to create a certain sight line from one area to another, such as when building a house where all the trees must be removed.

Tree felling requires skilled operators who know precisely which limbs need to be pruned off each tree before it is cut down. Some types of tree require more pruning than others do, depending on shape and size, as well as type of wood that they produce. The safest way to begin removal is by first climbing into the tree with a small saw if finishing  the job from the ground is difficult. Our professional tree felling is safe and secure as we take every health and safety precaution during the felling of every tree. We have a 100% Safety record.

​Tree Stump Removal &
Tree Stump Grinding

​Our Ripley tree surgeon is here to help you with all of your stump removal needs. From large stumps to small stumps, our team is ready to remove and grind them down. Our tree experts know the best times for tree stump removal, depending on the season and what type of tree was originally removed from your property. We have the best stump grinding equipment to remove all traces of your unwanted stumps, which will have your land back nice and level and ready for whatever you want to use it for. Whether you’re a residential homeowner that requires a single stump removed for aesthetic purposes, or a commercial business that needs an area cleared of multiple stumps, we are the team to call in Ripley to get the job done! Fully insured, friendly and respectful of the surroundings.

​​Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Crown Raising / Crown Lifting

Tree crown raising is the process of increasing the vertical height of a tree’s canopy through the use of specialised climbing equipment. The desired outcome is an increase in tree health, productivity and well being. The benefits derived from this service are also environmental. By increasing the healthy leaf area per tree, you allow for more carbon dioxide uptake which reduces ozone levels in your area. This results in cleaner air which provides positive environmental effects all around!

Tree crown lifting does not have any negative side effects on your yard or home and either type (lifting or raising) should  be done at least once every five years for optimal health.

Crown Thinning  / Crown Reduction

It’s that time of the year again, when winter is just beginning to settle in surrounding climates. Temperatures are dropping drastically and trees are losing their leaves. This change allows for homeowners to begin thinking about the benefits of having tree crown reduction service performed on their trees. Tree crown reduction service can be very helpful by opening up tree canopy, allowing more light to reach the ground level which helps grass grow longer and thicker. The overall health of your lawn depends heavily on photosynthesis – a process where plants create nutrients from sunlight. Opening up the treetops reduces shade cast which means more sunlight reaches grass below shrubs, making them stronger and healthier too!


Tree pollarding is an ancient practice of trimming branches to prevent them from interfering with the flow of cables or pedestrians. Historically, it was done on an individual basis, but in recent times it has become a service offered by tree surgeons and arborists who specialise in tree care. Although there are various methods used for pollarding , some forms are not as environmentally friendly as others. It is important that people who want this service choose experienced professionals so their trees can be protected without being mistreated.

Hedge Cutting Service,

Maintenance, Trimming and


What are the differences between hedge trimming, maintenance and removal?

Hedge trimming is essentially the cutting of hedges. By doing it regularly you can maintain the shape and size of the hedge, control growth and even change its shape if required. Hedge removal will give your landscaping a whole new look and create an open space.

Is it possible to cut too much off my hedges?

Yes, if you cut more than 1/3 of total height of a mature tree (or shrub) in one go, this may cause dieback depending on how well established  the hedge is. It may take a couple of years for the tree to recover and regrow, in some cases it might lead to death.

How often should I cut my hedges?

This depends on what type of plants you have, but normally once or twice a year should be enough in order to maintain your hedge at the desired size and shape depending on seasonality of vegetation (summer vs winter foliage). If you remove more than 1/3 part at a time this might weaken or kill off parts of the plant so it’s best not to do this too often.

We offer professional hedge cutting services. If you require this service in and around the Ripley area, then please give us a call. We cover both residential and commercial hedge cutting, trimming, maintenance and hedge removals. Give us a call for a fast quote and free consultation.

​​Dangerous Tree Removals and Sectional Dismantling

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