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We are committed to providing you with the best possible service. Our experience in all areas of tree care makes us experts when it comes time for your next project! We offer affordable rates and provide a secure environment during any job site or home visit, so that our customers can feel confident knowing their trees will be taken good care of until they’re ready to be cut, trimmed or pruned again. If you need a problem, diseased or sick tree removed, felled or sectionally dismantled then we have the knowledge and modern equipment to carry out these tasks on all the different types of trees. We’re also specially trained on how to safely do the job without damaging your house or property! So if you live in Matlock or the surrounding area, give us a call and book a FREE consultation and quote.

Tree Services that we offer around Matlock

Tree Removal Service

Tree Felling Service

Conifer reduction & Removal

Tree Reductions and Limb and branch removal

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Stump Removal & Tree Stump Grinding

Hedge Cutting, Maintenance & Removal

Tree & Woodland Maintenance

​Landscaping Projects

Ground Clearance

Ivy Removal

Tree Removal & Sectional Dismantling

For the customers who have a tree that may be in a difficult position, such as adjacent to a building or utility cables, then we can help to remove the tree safely and securely using our skills at taking the tree down piece by piece by a method called sectional dismantling, as straight felling the tree would cause all kinds of problems when it landed. We basically start at the top of the tree and work down, safely removing dead or diseased branches one section at a time using ropes and specialist rigging and climbing equipment for lowering the cut pieces to the ground. The cost of the tree removal will depend on factors such as the size of the tree, where it’s situated and the overall complexity of the tree removal job.

​Tree Felling

We always try to talk and encourage our tree surgery customers in Matlock to retain and keep their trees whenever we can, but we do understand that sometimes they have to be felled and removed, because of their instability or space and land needs to be regained due to building work and progress, or they have become dangerous and unsafe to the surrounding environment, such as houses or commercial buildings for many reasons. Because straight tree felling would be risky sometimes due to minimal surrounding open space, it makes tree felling in Matlock a bit  more challenging to say the least! and it is not always straightforward and often impossible to fell a tree in one piece. This is why on some occasions we will need to fell a tree by dismantling slowly as opposed to letting it fall.

​Tree Stump Removal &
Tree Stump Grinding

​Grinding stumps is the most effective way to remove them, and this is the service that we offer in Matlock. We use the latest powerful stump grinding machine equipment so you can be sure that your stumps will be ground down quickly and effectively. Once they’re gone, there’s no reason to worry about unkempt-looking property or safety hazards. We grind the stump until it’s level with the surface of your property, which means once we leave you won’t even know that they were ever there in the first place. Our tree surgeon staff members are friendly, customer oriented professionals who take pride in their work and appreciate our customers giving us the work. We are always prompt and dependable, so you can be sure that we will arrive on time to take care of all your stump removal needs.

​​Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Crown Raising / Crown Lifting

Tree crown lifting is also known as “Raising Crowns” It is a proactive service used to prevent future damage to your trees and property by re-positioning the tree crowns to a predetermined height above their current location after sometimes after construction or landscaping work has been completed. The purpose of this service is usually to maintain a clear path for vehicular traffic below, avoid obstructions that could potentially interfere with machinery operating beneath it, or to ensure that the branches do not interfere with electric power lines located above it. Also this service is completed on residential and commercial trees for aesthetic reasons, as the trees look so much better.

Crown Thinning  / Crown Reduction

Tree crown reduction starts with an assessment by one of our certified arborists to determine if pruning is necessary and what type of cut should be made on each branch.  A pruning plan is also created during this time. Then, a fine cut line is determined by sawing the branches from 1/4 to 3/4 of their diameter. The goal here is not to completely remove the branch, but rather just take enough away so that the remaining portion will be structurally sufficient for proper tree health and stability. In some cases, trees may need less than 25% removed while others may need more than 75%. This percentage varies depending on factors such as tree species or disease diagnosis.

Additionally, smaller limbs closer to the trunk are sometimes left in place so they can support larger branches farther out on a limb which have been pruned off. These limbs must be well attached to the trunk of the tree in order to support weighty branches. The main reason for performing crown reduction is to give the tree a more desirable structure. This can be accomplished through crown reduction or by pruning certain limbs.


When trees are pollarded, their branches are cut way back to the trunk or a major branch. This is most often done with oak and ash trees . A tree that has been pollarded will regrow several small branches instead of just one large branch.

Pollarding is usually done for three reasons: to keep trees from getting too tall and dangerous; to provide firewood; and to provide a food source for animals such as deer. Pollarding also makes it easier for farmers to gather fruit from the top of tall trees. In some parts of England, farmers used to pollard apple trees every seven years on May 25th – St John’s Day… Some national parks still allow people to pollard certain types of oaks in some  areas. We cannot pollard every species of tree, please call for details.

Hedge Cutting

Hedge  Trimming

Hedge Maintenance

Hedges provide many benefits to homeowners. They act as windbreakers, privacy shields and noise barriers, depending on the plant species used. Additionally, they serve as vital soil stabilisers by preventing erosion and storm water runoff. The problem with maintaining hedges is that it requires the expertise of professionals because these difficult-to-handle shrubs grow quickly and large over short periods of time. We offer professional hedge trimming services to our customers. Our hedgerow services also includes removing or cutting down hedges if they become overgrown, out of hand or too unruly. We can remove whole hedgerows or plant new hedges if required. If you would like an ongoing hedge maintenance contract to keep your hedges in check, either residential or commercial, then please call for a competitive price.

​​Dangerous Tree Removals and Sectional Dismantling

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