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We are a professional tree surgery company working throughout Ilkeston and Derbyshire. Serving both our domestic and commercial customer base. We deliver top-quality services throughout all aspects of tree surgery and arborist work. From fine pruning, trimming, and cutting trees, to large or dangerous tree removals, all work is approached with public health and safety in mind, as well as the local environment and the surrounding buildings. Whatever the situation you can be confident in the knowledge that we are masters of our trade. We are courteous and polite when doing a job, to both our customers and their neighbours. We find our clients like our old school approach in customer service. Nothing is too much trouble for our Ilkeston tree surgeons. Call us now for any tree work or service that you require. Our advice and quotations are free of charge!

Tree Services that we offer around Ilkeston

Tree Removal Service

Tree Felling Service

Conifer reduction & Removal

Tree Reductions and Limb and branch removal

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Stump Removal & Tree Stump Grinding

Hedge Cutting, Maintenance & Removal

Tree & Woodland Maintenance

​Landscaping Projects

Ground Clearance

Ivy Removal

Tree Removal & Sectional Dismantling Dangerous Trees

For the customers who have a tree in an awkward position, such as next to their home or commercial building, or even obstructing utility cables or overhanging the roads. We can help them take down their trees safely and securely using our skills at taking down trees and removing them piece by piece from the top-down method called sectional dismantling, which if not addressed like this would cause all kinds problems if we felled the tree with straight cut, which could cause problems when it landed. Always best practice to bring down slowly like this, preventing the tree from striking buildings which cause an untold amount of damage. The cost of tree removal is always worked out onsite and assessed individually, taking into account the size, position, equipment needed and how complex the tree removal will be. Our quotations are free so give us a call if you need a tree removed in Ilkeston, and we will pop over and take a look for you.

​Tree Felling

We often see large trees growing in close proximity to buildings, their branches can reach overhead power lines, damage roofs or other structures such as fences, roads and public areas.  Assuming there are obstacles underneath the tree, special care needs to be taken so as not to cause any damage by lowering the branches or felling the tree at the wrong angle when cutting down.  You must always get your neighbours permission before felling a tree. This is because they need to be made aware of the danger beforehand and our tree surgeons might need access to their property. When we work in public areas it’s most likely that permission from the local council will need to be granted before the tree is taken down, and the area closed off to the public for health and safety reasons, and the risk factors.

​Tree Stump Removal &
Tree Stump Grinding

A tree that’s been cut down will leave a tree stump behind, and you may not know what to do with it or how much it will cost to remove the stump from your property. In general, stumps are considered hazardous because they could rot over time and cause damage to structures, or even injury if anyone were to trip over them. Tree stump removal can be a challenging task to most homeowners. Tree stumps are basically the roots of a tree, which is left behind when someone cuts or removes a tree from their property. Tree stumps not only look bad on your lawn but spoil the natural beauty of it as well. Often, removing these stumps is just too difficult if you don’t have the right equipment for this job. We are able to remove tree stumps with our Hi-tech stump grinding equipment and return your land to its former glory. Please do not try to hire a stump grinder from a hire shop as they are very dangerous to operate in the wrong and untrained hands, leave to the professionals. We get asked how much to remove a tree stump? This always depends on the size, location and access. Call us today!

​​Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Crown Raising / Crown Lifting

Our simple crown lifting or as some people call it ” crown raising” This creates light and space in your garden, allowing the other plant life to thrive much better. If your garden is dark with trees blocking the natural light, then raising the canopy of your tree can really help bring your garden back to life, and maybe the service for you. Sometimes you may feel that a tree on your land needs to be removed to overcome problem, but our crown lifting can usually remedy this problem. 

Crown Thinning  / Crown Reduction

The goal of our tree crown reduction service is to help your trees reach their full potential by reducing the top of the canopy down to the appropriate size for optimum growth. We will reduce branches where they girdle other branches or are too close together creating an obstruction. We will do this with little impact on surrounding foliage or lawns. The improved air circulation allows sunlight to penetrate through the canopy creating healthier vegetation underneath while also alleviating excessive moisture stress. This policy is not only beneficial for ornamental beauty, but it also helps avert future damage due to possible breaking or  falling limbs that are too heavy for the tree to support and could cause structural and/or cosmetic damage.


The tree pollarding service is an option for property owners to pay for lower-level trimming or pruning of trees that are on their own private property.  This service is typically only available in urban areas where there are many trees in close proximity to one another. Regular tree trimming can be expensive, and it’s often not practical when the tree sits next to a home or across the street from others. The cost of this service can vary, depending upon location, access and the total amount of trees that require the pollarding service.

Hedge Cutting, Hedge,

Maintenance Services, Hedge


Hedge trimming services, maintenance and removal is a service provided by people with the proper tools and equipment to give your yard a great look year around. There are several types of hedges out there , which include topiary, boxwood, ornamental grasses, forsythia”.” For each type of hedge there is different upkeep that should be taken care of in order to keep them at their best .

Some hedges need little attention but others can become unruly if not cared for properly. So when it comes time to remove them or just simply tidy up its best to call us, because we deal specifically with this type of work. If one does not know what kind of hedge they have then this makes things harder because there are always unprofessional people out there. Call us first for any hedge cutting in Ilkeston that you might require, and we will come to your residential or commercial premises to give you a quotation on all your hedging needs.

​​Dangerous Tree Removals and Sectional Dismantling

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