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There are many choices for tree surgeon companies in the Ashbourne area. However, you must be careful with who you choose to help maintain the trees on your property. One of the most common mistakes new homeowners make is choosing a cheap tree removal company without considering some very important factors first. Cheap tree work can cost thousands of pounds more if you employ the wrong tree surgeon, and the job wasn’t completed correctly. Also, if they aren’t qualified and safety standards aren’t met, someone could be putting their life at risk. Cutting down dangerous trees can hurt someone, damage buildings or even bring power lines down. Here’s what to consider when hiring a professional service to take care of your trees:

Tree Services that we offer around Ashbourne
Tree Removal Service

Tree Felling Service

Conifer reduction & Removal

Tree Reductions and Limb and branch removal

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Stump Removal & Tree Stump Grinding

Hedge Cutting, Maintenance & Removal

Tree & Woodland Maintenance

​Landscaping Projects

Ground Clearance

Ivy Removal

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Tree Removal & Sectional Dismantling

For customers who need a tree removal in Ashbourne, as they have a tree in an unfortunate position, such as next to buildings or utility cables, we can help them take it down safely to the ground and dispose of it totally. We start by taking apart the tree bit-by-bit using specialised climbing equipment and ropes and rigging for lowering cut branches back onto the ground level one section at time until the problem is solved! The question we get asked over the phone is how much is the cost for tree removal? This is very difficult to answer without first seeing the tree that needs removing or taking down. There are lots of variables to consider such as, the tree’s height, girth, where it’s situated, and how complex the tree removal is. Seeing as our quotations are absolutely free, you have nothing to lose by calling us and we will offer our advice with a free consultation and site visit. If you think you have a dangerous tree on your residential land or commercial premises, then call us sooner than later, as it’s best to be safe than sorry in these situations.

​Tree Felling

There are many reasons why you might require our tree felling service in Ashbourne. It could be that you want to give your garden area a much needed makeover and your trees have taken over, and one or two trees may need felling to make way for new growth, or maybe a tree on your land has become sick with disease or rotting with decay. Whatever issues you might be experiencing, it’s important to note that all our tree felling in Ashbourne is performed by professional tree surgeons and arborists with  plenty of local knowledge and experience. Tree felling is a dangerous pursuit, but as we are highly trained tree surgeons, we are able to decide on the best course of action to fell a tree, taking into account the various surroundings and environment. If we think straight tree felling will cause problems and be hazardous, we will take the tree down using our sectional dismantling skills. Basically we will remove by taking down piece by piece until nothing remains, this is indeed the safest way possible and safeguards any damage to the surrounding area.

​Tree Stump Removal &
Tree Stump Grinding

Tree stump removal is probably not something that you think about until you actually have one or more tree stumps to remove. When the time comes, though, it’s good to know that there are companies out there in Ashbourne who offer a tree stump removal service. Stump removal is part of our company’s full range of services. Our equipment enables us to deliver effective and efficient tree stump grinding performance on any tree stump, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. We can provide same day or next day stump grinding based on your particular needs. We pay close attention to the details of every job we do because we understand what a hassle stumps can be if they’re left unattended too long in any garden or land space. If you want your property back as soon as possible, just give us a call.

​​Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Crown Raising / Crown Lifting

This is where our tree surgeons use a variety of techniques to raise the lower branches into more desirable positions on the trunk or main boles. Both methods are simply moving or distracting downward hanging branches upward and outward away from potential obstacles such as buildings, power lines, other trees, etc., where they will be out of harm’s way and hopefully in less susceptible contact with damaging environmental forces like wind, rain and storms. It also makes them more aesthetically pleasing.

Crown Thinning  / Crown Reduction

The goal of tree crown reduction is to restore an aesthetically pleasing form and structure to the tree while maintaining its health, stability, structural integrity, and safety. The desired effect of this service is often achieved by removing whole or large portions of branches that are not considered necessary or beneficial enough to remain. This process allows light penetration into the lower canopy levels of the tree, creates an improved appearance to the tree, and improves its health by reducing the stress of overcrowding.


Preserving the natural appearance of trees by reducing their height and rejuvenating them with a new set of branches, can be an effective way of prolonging their life. The process is called pollarding and it has been carried out for hundreds of years to preserve centuries-old trees around historic sites like castles, churches and ancient mews. If you have more than one tree this will attract a discount, please contact us for details. These prices include tailing back all dead wood, pruning any inward growing branches (debris removed), leaving your garden in an orderly condition. We also provide  ‘aftercare’ advice if needed.

Hedge Cutting

Hedge  Trimming

Hedge Maintenance

Our hedge trimming services, hedge cutting service and hedge removal services are offered throughout the Ashbourne and Derby areas. Unwanted hedging can be a problem for homeowners as well as commercial properties. The reason for removing a hedge could stem from a variety of reasons including: size or shape concerns, invasive plants, poor regular maintenance or coppicing issues. Hedges should be trimmed on a regular basis, ideally at least once every three months although as professional tree surgeons we always recommend cutting hedges every week during periods of heavy growth.

​​Dangerous Tree Removals and Sectional Dismantling

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