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Have a tree removal or pruning project? Professional tree services have been helping customers in the Alfreton area trim, prune and cut their trees for years. Don’t worry if you have a problem tree that needs removing, such as a diseased or sick tree, or one that has just got out of hand, and needs totally removed due to being dangerous or clearing for a ground clearance project. We also do smaller scale projects like removing dead branches and thinning out crowding trees—you name it! If you’re looking for someone experienced with all types of vegetation who can provide safe access while working efficiently without damaging surrounding property then call on us today so that one of our experts may be able to help make your vision come true at an affordable price. Call us now to book a free no-obligation quotation for your intended tree work.

Tree Services that we offer around Alfreton

Tree Removal Service

Tree Felling Service

Conifer reduction & Removal

Tree Reductions and Limb and branch removal

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Stump Removal & Tree Stump Grinding

Hedge Cutting, Maintenance & Removal

Tree & Woodland Maintenance

​Landscaping Projects

Ground Clearance

Ivy Removal

Tree Removal & Sectional Dismantling Dangerous Trees

In some unfortunate cases, a tree may be in an inconvenient place for the customer. It could be that the tree has died and come to the end of its lifespan, or become sick or diseased. If this happens then most likely the tree will need to be removed, especially if it’s situated near houses, buildings or even roads, as this will be very hazardous if the weak tree falls naturally, or is blown over by strong wind and adverse weather. We can help by taking down this obstacle and making sure it’s done safely! Our skilled team will start at the top of the suspect tree and slowly dismantle branch by branch with ropes and rigging equipment, and even the help of cranes on some occasions, all depending on the size of the tree in question and what the access is like. The cost of the tree removal will be worked out during our free consultation and quotation, because every tree removal needs to be worked out individually due to the circumstances and difficulty. You can be rest-assured that all our pricing is transparent, no hidden extras, we are trusted tree surgeons, and nice people to do business with.

​Tree Felling

We always try to talk and encourage our tree surgery customers in Matlock to retain and keep their trees whenever we can, but we do understand that sometimes they have to be felled and removed, because of their instability or space and land needs to be regained due to building work and progress, or they have become dangerous and unsafe to the surrounding environment, such as houses or commercial buildings for many reasons. Because straight tree felling would be risky sometimes due to minimal surrounding open space, it makes tree felling in Matlock a bit  more challenging to say the least! and it is not always straightforward and often impossible to fell a tree in one piece. This is why on some occasions we will need to fell a tree by dismantling slowly as opposed to letting it fall.

​Tree Stump Removal &
Tree Stump Grinding

When you hire a tree service company for stump grinding services, you’ll no longer have to worry about unsightly stumps on your property. In addition, they provide safety benefits as well since they won’t be hazardous or present trip hazards. Hiring us to grind the stumps down is also going to help improve your yard’s aesthetics – it will look fresh and clean once the stumps are gone! Our staff members work quickly and efficiently, so you can trust them around children and pets. Professional tree services make use of the latest in stump removal and grinding equipment to get the job done fast and efficiently, including computerised stump grinders. They are also trained to recognise poisonous plants so they can ensure that your yard is safe for you and your family. What’s more is that by removing stumps, it gives us a chance to properly prune nearby trees so they look their best!

​​Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Crown Raising / Crown Lifting

It’s important for homeowners and business owners alike to have their trees regularly trimmed up high there are many reasons for this but perhaps none as important as safety reasons. If your trees are  not trimmed and pruned on a regular basis it can cause them to become weak, unstable and more of a hazard than they already are. If you have large branches which hang low or touch your roof, gutters or even cars and large trucks parked nearby. The weight of these heavy limbs could result in some major damage if they were to break off suddenly. Although this is rare it does happen all too often and when that happens it’s usually catastrophic as we have experienced through strong winds, and many homes losing their entire roofs due to trees falling on top of them.

Crown Thinning  / Crown Reduction

Tree crown reduction will change how light reaches lower branches and ultimately reduce canopy volume causing less stress and improving its vitality by allowing air into all parts of your trees foliage. This is an excellent service for reducing storm damage to trees, aesthetically pleasing tree crowns, and allowing more access for surrounding plant life to the sun.


Typically tree pollarding describes a more methodical process that involves  the removal of only the outermost layer of branches on a more mature tree. This process helps to encourage new growth, especially along the lower section of the trunk where most species of trees tend to be bare. It can also help keep branches from rubbing together and becoming damaged or split apart by strong winds . A pollarding service is often more affordable than other methods and has less impact on a tree’s life cycle. A number of companies offer this type of service as part of their landscaping packages , which might be something for you to consider if you already know that your trees will need regular maintenance in the future.

Hedge Cutting, Maintenance,

Trimming and Pruning

The hedge trimming service provides regular assessments of a customer’s hedges to ensure that they are always in optimum condition. Customers will receive a free, detailed written report of the health and height of their hedges, with advice on how often they should be trimmed. This is a risk-free assessment service for customers because there is no obligation to purchase our services. Hedge cutting services provide a more intensive level of maintenance, whereby we cut back overgrown or poorly maintained plants more frequently than standard hedge trimming would permit. This type of treatment is generally reserved for difficult cases where the customer’s plants have grown significantly taller over time or in response to neglect or poor pruning techniques earlier in their  life.

​​Dangerous Tree Removals and Sectional Dismantling

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