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Tree Surgeon Services and Maintenance

Our sought after superior tree removals and maintenance services are available whether you are situated in Nottingham, Long eaton, West Bridgford, Loughborough or other local areas in and around Nottinghamshire. We always Strive to deliver the peace of mind that our customers need. We will use our tree surgeon skills and wide variety of professional methods to produce that aesthetically pleasing look you would achieve. From formative pruning, trimming, crown lifting, thinning, or pollarding, our regular program of tree cutting services are designed to lengthen the life of your trees.

Trees are beautiful, Nothing is more peaceful than the serenity of sitting under the shade of a tree on a summer afternoon. Therefore, removing trees is not something we love doing. Nonetheless, when a tree becomes too big, it presents an opportunity to cause harm to you, your family, and your lovely home. 

While a tree can be maintained to keep it healthy and beautiful, some situations call for complete tree removal. A big tree that has large branches can easily break and fall on a vehicle or your house during a storm or intense snow. Besides, if your tree is growing near a power line, you do not want to be the reason why your entire neighborhood has no electricity. 

A damaged or a dead tree might also need removal. However, removing a tree is very dangerous and wrought with difficulties to an amateur. An inexperienced person can land themselves many severe injuries if they try to eliminate a tree from their compound. That is why you need our tree removal professional services.

Nottingham Tree Surgery and Arborist services have invested significantly in the latest hi-tech tree removal equipment. Our equipment is intelligent as well as high-powered. Hence, we can successfully remove any tree from the soil without damaging the roots. Also, the equipment makes the entire process easy and fast.

Therefore, with us, you can be sure that no harm or damage to your property or surroundings will occur during the tree removal process. Moreover, since our removal procedure does no damage to the tree, we can relocate it from one location to another without compromise if this is your wish.

Our tree removal services are also safe enough to ensure that any trees near power lines or telecom systems are eliminated without any incident. We have specialised equipment for such occasions. If deemed fit, we can also remove the tree manually to prevent any damage to your property.

Part of our removal services is to process the tree into mulch if this is your preference. Therefore, you can trust our versatility to cater to any of your needs. Our Tree Surgeons and Arborists are also experts in determining whether a tree is damaged or dead. 

We have many tree removal methods at our disposal including tree felling, sectional dismantling and some times we have to utilise heavy duty cranes if the need arises.

Hence, if unsure, you can call us for a consultation, and our Arborist will conduct an analysis on the premises. If the tree can be saved, we will work with you to aid in its recovery. Otherwise, we will ensure the entire tree has been removed. No roots or stumps will be left to cause harm to you or your soil. 

In case you decide to remove the tree yourself, we recommend that you get advice from our professionals. Some rules should be followed during a tree removal exercise. For instance, never climb on a ladder with a chain saw. Also, never try to remove a tree that has a diameter of ten inches or above on your own. 

Instead, contact our services and avoid unnecessary costs on tools or severe injuries. We are already armed with all the knowledge, resources, and materials that you will need to get your tree removed. Take advantage of us by contacting us and saving yourself a trip to the hospital.

Why remove a tree?

Tree infections are common and can be caused by a variety of factors. Signs that your tree may be infected include crown dieback, cracks in the bark (deep splits), misshapen or discolored leaves, soft crumbly wood or fungi on the growing area. If you notice emergence holes with feeding galleries around them, this could also indicate an infection from pests like borers

Dead branches are a common feature of unhealthy and sick trees. In fact, there are some people that call them widow-makers because they can fall for absolutely no reason and seriously injure those below. If 50 percent or more of the tree is dead or damaged, it should probably be removed from your garden, land, or public area for safety reasons as soon as possible for safety reasons.

It’s always upsetting when your tree doesn’t grow well. Look at the health and vigor of your tree compared to other trees growing nearby, like in neighboring gardens or on the streets near you. You can tell something is wrong if there are thin leaf coverings, discolored foliage, stunted growth, as these signs indicate that it has trouble going on, and maybe time to call in a professional specialist to assess the overall problem so they can come up with a future plan for your trees.

There could be evidence of root defects in the soil. These can often be hidden, but heaving earth and fungi growing near or under a tree are both signs that roots may not be doing well.

It’s often difficult for people to tell if a tree is dying from the inside out, but over time you can identify that it has died by looking at its trunk. Large wounds and dead branch stubs are signs of internal decay in trees; while most will show external symptoms such as cracks or splits in their trunks before they die, many don’t even know there was any problem until after they’ve fallen down on top of someone! If your company owns property with large trees be sure not to ignore what might seem like small issues because eventually those big problems could result in liability later on when something bad happens.

The tree has a hollow trunk. This is dangerous because any rotted or rotten wood inside the tree could cause it to collapse and fall down on anyone in its path, so the area around this tree needs to be cordoned off around the tree for safety reasons, until that tree is totally removed. 

A tree that suddenly leans to one side may have structural problems. One day it’s a beautiful green giant with strong, thick branches and the next it looks like something you’d find in an old horror movie about haunted houses. 

Both trees are alive for now but this could be evidence of future danger if not dealt with immediately.

You observe small green sprouts at the base of a massive tree. These are epicormic shoots and they indicate that your tree is in a severely stressed state, and should be evaluated by an expert as soon as possible before it dies entirely

The tree is growing under power lines, which can be a hazard and require removal. This requires a certified arborist or certified company in Nottingham for the tree removal process to happen properly.

Trees can sometimes need removal if they are too close to man made structures like houses or other public buildings. Planting a tree near your house or other structure is not always a good idea. If the trees are too close to something else, you might have to remove them – either by cutting off branches that hang over the roof of your building or pruning those which grow too close at least once per year. Generally speaking, large trees should be no less than 20 feet away from buildings and structures like houses in order for their roots’ growth pattern to remain healthy

Dying or even dead trees don’t always require removal, as they can serve as a refuge for numerous wildlife. This usually means trees which are located in dense forested areas away from people and structures and will not pose any threat if left alone. However, it is still important to inspect your trees before the worst winter weather sets in like high winds and snowfall since this could change their safety condition and structure abruptly.


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