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Tree Pruning and Trimming

If your family is fond of the trees in your garden or land, then you want them to be nothing short of healthy. Tree pruning and trimming are essential parts of the tree care program. Besides, you want nothing more than to stimulate the growth of your tree, sustain its health, and retain its beautiful appearance.

That is why you need Nottingham Tree Surgery and Arborist tree pruning and trimming services. Apart from being the best in the business, our tree surgeons and arborists have a deep understanding of tree biology. Hence, we can skilfully and easily spot any flaws in your trees and eliminate them. 

This will reduce any possible defects without affecting the growth and health of your trees. We also remove any deadwood from your trees masterfully and leave it looking healthy and robust. Besides, we have mastered different trimming and pruning techniques.

Therefore, regardless of the type of tree that you have, you can be confident that we have the knowledge and the training to maintain it so that it can yield the best results. By hiring our trimming and pruning services, your tree will have a longer lifespan.

It will also become healthier and stronger, making it easy to defend itself against high winds and storms. We will also ensure that we have removed any limbs that might be hazardous and dangerous to your property, family, and friends.

Besides, once your tree is pruned and trimmed, it becomes more resistant to diseases and pests. Also, the tree will provide more room for sunlight. More sunlight means you will have a lush and beautiful undergrowth, as well as a perfect resting place. 

If you are wondering whether you require these services, consider whether your tree has grown too close to any power lines. Also, check whether the branches from the trees are touching your home. Additionally, confirm if loose dead branches are evident in your tree. Trimming and pruning services are also perfect if what you want is to improve the aesthetics of your tree. Besides, if you have never sort after trimming or pruning services in the last three years, you should contact us soon.

Once you contact us, we will take you through our trimming, pruning, and maintenance strategies. We will give you an outline of our expert services, including the procedures, timescale, and the different methods that we use to maintain your trees. 

We will also advise you on the process to follow if you want to book our services on our website. Moreover, we are always available to answer any of your questions through our website and our contact number.
For instance, we advise our clients to have their trees trimmed and pruned between Autumn and spring because the tree is in its dormant stage during this period. After all, you do not want to trim or prune new growth since it will stunt the growth of your tree that year.
While we know that you can trim your trees, there is a possibility that you can cause severe damage unintentionally. Do not take this risk, call us today, and enjoy our expert advice and services for an affordable rate.


Extra Information

Tree trimming is an essential part of woodland management and it is important when choosing a tree trimmer to ensure that they have the relevant insurance cover and qualifications. Anyone performing major tree surgery should have public liability insurance.

As well as basic sawing skills, tree surgeons also need to understand the growing patterns in trees and how this information can be used to avoid damaging trees’ roots or increasing the risk of them falling over. Tree trimmers may perform a number of tasks including pruning, coppicing, pollarding raising platforms for high canopy work and undertaking crown reduction which involves selectively removing branches from large trees to increase light levels in woodlands; there are several methods available including topping, Crown reductions are most commonly carried out on broad leaf trees such as beech, oak and sycamore.

Tree trimming and pruning are both important practices in maintaining a healthy, beautiful tree. The difference is that when you trim a tree, you remove branches to make the shape of the tree more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing. Pruning, on the other hand, removes dead or diseased branches for health reasons. Should you ever need to prune large trees? Understanding what a branch is versus what a limb is should help clear up any confusion!

The difference between tree trimming and pruning is that when you trim a tree, you remove branches to make the shape of the tree more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing. Pruning, on the other hand, removes dead or diseased branches for health reasons.  Should you ever need to prune large trees? Understanding what a branch is versus what a limb is should help clear up any confusion that you may have on the subject.

A branch refers to the smaller branches and twigs that grow out of the larger limbs. A tree with many long, thin branches has not been pruned in years. The key difference between a branch and a limb is size: if it’s too big or thick and you can’t see through it, then it’s called a “limb.” Limbs are usually thicker than most individuals’ fingers while an average branch would be around one-half inch thick (not including trunks).

An example of why you might want to trim large trees is when they start compromising property lines by rubbing against each other or coming close to electrical wires. This may cause fire hazards  and can be dangerous.

Steps to fix a badly pruned tree: 

Follow these steps for fixing the problem of poorly trimmed trees!

Cut back any branches that are crossing or rubbing against each other, touching wires, and growing into small shrubs. This should not affect the overall shape of your tree too much as long as you don’t cut away more than two thirds of its size (or height). You may need to adjust some limbs after trimming them for balance in appearance if they’re leaning at an odd angle or looking distorted. Try to choose cuts on opposite sides so it doesn’t look like one side is heavier with weight.  -If your tips growth looks messy, straighten by cutting all but about six  inches of the branch and a suitable leader to grow away from it.

If you have multiple branches that are crossing in one spot, cut them back as described above or prune at their junction point if they’re intertwined together like vines on a trellis. The more complicated trimming jobs can be done with an electric saw by cutting through the offending branch about two inches below its growing tip then snipping off any remaining stub when you go past the target area. You may need some wire mesh screening for protection but keep this well away from your power supply so there isn’t a risk of electrocution!

Is Pruning good for trees?

Yes, it’s good for trees because they need to be trimmed so that their branches are balanced and spread evenly across the trunk. This is done by trimming back what needs to go until there’s an even distribution of foliage on both sides of the tree. If you’ve over cut a tree then oftentimes artificial branch supports will be used on each side in order to fix any missing foliage.

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