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​With the global warming issues that we are currently facing, there is no better time to plant trees. That is why at Nottingham Tree Surgery and Arborist Services, we are dedicated to the growth, development, and health of all trees.

Tree planting is arguably the most honorable service we can spend our time, knowledge, skills, and equipment on. Besides, apart from adding beauty to the environment, we believe that trees play a vital role in the existence of humans. For instance, they produce clean, breathable air in the ecosystem. 

Also, trees will enhance your landscape, and the shade they provide will help you conserve energy. But when it comes to planting trees, there are several things that you should know. For instance, you should know the type of tree that will thrive in your region. 

You should also know where you should plant the tree and the correct method of planting. Planting trees can be a tedious process. That is why you need us. Apart from experiencing the pride of planting trees in your yard, we also understand that accurate planting is essential for any tree.

Our arborists are well versed in different types of trees. Hence, they know the exact plants that will thrive in the local area. We also consider the climatic conditions of the region, the state of the soil, and your personal preferences.

Besides, we have several plans that you can select on a commercial level, landscaping, or garden design. We will also give you any advice you require as we plant the trees on your property. We use our knowledge and expertise to ensure that you have the best trees for your garden.

As part of our planting services, we will select the best location for your tree. We will also prepare the site by digging the hole and preparing the soil. We will then handle and place the root ball in its location. Once secure, we will water, mulch, and prune your new tree. We will also guy and stake your tree if necessary.

We can also remove trees from one location and plant them on another site.
Our state-of-the-art equipment will ensure that your property and your trees are healthy for many years. The equipment is also perfect for planting every type of tree you require.

Our tree surgeons and arborist can plant any tree for you. Moreover, we offer more than tree planting services. We also have the skills to plant an entire garden or a tree border. For any of these services, we will also help you select the best plants for your garden or chosen border.

Our team will also offer you advice on methods you can use to restore and redesign your existing planting layouts and borders. We are a tree company that does more than cut, chop, and prune. We also value the safety and health of trees.
Besides, our services are moulded towards creating areas of great beauty. Get in touch with us and get the most knowledgeable, affordable, and convenient tree planting service in Nottingham.​

Our Trees really are fantastic organic structures

When you are thinking about ways to help the environment around you, try thinking local. When it really comes down to it, there are lots of effective and different ways that you can show your support environmentally, but if everyone just planted a small tree or two, then this would help by offsetting our carbon footprints, as trees naturally eat and consume the carbon that we unfortunately create in abundance on our planet. If you don’t have sufficient space for a tree on your domestic property, then there is always the option of donating one to an organisation such as Offset Earth, carbon footprint or the Canopy Project, this way you will be assisting to reduce your carbon footprint in a productive way. If you do wish to plant trees in your garden or land then we are only a phone call away, just contact us for expert advice on which variety’s thrive in the Nottingham area, what type would be best for the area of land you have available and how to plant them. If purchasing from your garden centre, then they are usually quite knowledgeable on the subject and could offer some sound advice, or Google searches may help with your enquiry. So go ahead plant a tree today, you know it makes good sense!​

​Thank you.

Telephone:  0115-824-3203 


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