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Dismantling trees in restricted areas with ropes and rigging

Precision and safe felling of trees take great care and expertise by qualified tree surgeons and arborists.

Tree Services

Alternatively, our tree felling and removal service could be the work you need doing in Nottingham. By employing and utilising our skills, expertise and fine selection of modern and up to date state-of-the-art tree removal equipment, we can dispose of any tree you wish by felling with ease. It doesn’t matter about the size of the job or the actual condition of your tree, as there has never been an occasion where we couldn’t complete our work and make the area safe once again for our customers. It’s always in the planning. We always take our time to plan how we will exactly remove and fell an unwanted tree to the best effect. We have many professional techniques available in our arsenal. Nothing is left to chance when working out a tree removal project. All risks are assessed to the detail before any cuts are made, we take everything into account so every tree is brought to the ground safely and securely, with no damage to the surrounding areas and of above all else human life. Our  professional tree surgeons  will take care of every aspect.

The Directional Notch

This notch is made in the tree depending on a couple of prior factors, the actual condition of the tree and the terrain. The directional cut should be around 15% to 20% of the trunk, avoid cutting too deep. This cut should also be made as close to the ground a safe as possible, this will allow for superior control and give stability when the tree does eventually fall.

The Felling Cut

After our directional notch has been completed, it’s now time to cut the felling towards our directional notch. Using our tree felling wedge or felling bar to assure our safe felling and to stop the tree from back leaning in the other direction.

The Hinge

The hinge is the most important part of the tree felling operation. It makes for a clean and safe tree fell. This uncut part between our directional notch and the felling cut like any other hinge by directing the tree to its final destination on the ground. It is important that the hinge has a uniform thickness, and the length of the hinge be a minimum of 80% of the diameter of the tree, around breast height and width of the hinge will be at 10% of our chosen tree’s diameter, again at breast height. This will change depending on the diameter of the tree to be felled.

You can contact Nottingham Tree Surgery and Arborist Services to book one of our many tree-related services in the Nottingham area on Tel:  0115-824-3203

Telephone: 0115-824-3203