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Tree stumps look ugly, they distort your landscaping, and they can cause harm to your children or yourself if you happen to trip over these protruding pests. While there are reasons that you might favour retaining the stumps as you might find them nice to look at in your garden, eliminating them is arguably one of the essential aspects of tree maintenance.

However, an inexperienced contractor can cause more harm than good when removing or grinding the tree stumps. That is why you need the Nottingham Tree Surgery and Arborist services.

First,   stump grinding  and stump removal are processes that require a significant level of skill.

Second, the equipment that is needed to either grind or remove the stump is different from the equipment used to remove a tree. Therefore, a person requires the right machinery, ability, and information if they are to complete the stump elimination process successfully and most of all safely. 

Third, If the stumps are not eliminated, they can create an environment where rejected trees will start to grow again. This can be the birth of a multi-stranded tree that will be hard to maintain, more costly to remove in the future, and not at all aesthetically pleasing.

This is where we come in. We have the best stump grinding system in Nottingham. First, we will assess and survey your tree stump. Then, we will remove any obstacles from the working area that might pose a danger to your property. This includes maintaining an environment that will not allow any debris to damage your property as it fly up into the air, we keep everything at ground level with our protective shields and equipment..

Our CAT scanner machines will also scan the ground. This will help us detect whether you have any electric wires, gas pipes, or water mains buried underground that are sited near where the stump is to be removed and ground down. We will then consider which method will work best be suited for your residential garden or commercial land space.

Stump grinding is usually the preferred method of elimination for the majority of tree stumps that we come across.
The method will leave your yard looking neat and tidy after the removal. Also, we ensure that the fine sawdust residue left on your compound will mix well with the soil. This helps fill in the gap left by the removed stump and you will not require any extra top soil or filing material.

In case the stump was infected, we will dispose of any mulch or residue sawdust so that your soil can remain healthy.

On the other hand, if removing the stump is the desired choice, our machines are high powered enough to produce the force needed to remove the stump. Also, since this method leaves the environment in a messy state, our arborists will dispose of the stump correctly and clean up your garden or land area.

We will also fill the newly acquired hole with soil and wood chips. As an after-service, we will advise you on ways you can take care of your freshly accessible piece of land. This is because once a stump is removed, there are high chances of disease-carrying insects making a home on the spot.

Besides, such infections can spread to the other trees that reside in your home. This is why we always recommend removing the stump. Overall, we will overcome any stump hurdles to give you ultimate satisfaction. Our removal methods are also very safe and efficient. 

Currently, our Nottingham tree surgeon stump grinders offer these services for any length of time. Our professionals are also always ready to serve you in the local neighbourhood. Call us and enjoy an efficient and quick stump removal service.

If you have a stump that needs removing and it’s an emergency, we will try our best to reach you as soon as we can.
Thank you.

Telephone:  0115-824-3203