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Nottingham is a city with deep roots in time and the arts. It’s where Robin Hood has lived, which we all know about it from many stories told to us as children or adults alike. Nottingham also was home for one of Britain’s most well-known fashion designers, Paul Smith who started his career there before becoming an internationally successful company that sets trends and sells its products across the globe.

Nottingham is truly the heart of England. It’s an excellent and vibrant city with plenty to offer shoppers, including some unique attractive retail outlets in historic buildings that are near great shops like malls for those who want more modern shopping experiences too. The town centre has a good selection of restaurants, nightclubs, public houses and cinemas – so no matter what your tastes you’ll find something perfect!

The history of Nottingham is rich and varied with plenty to see and do. The shopping scene in Nottingham is on par with other major cities across the UK, so there’s no need to worry about finding a bargain when it comes time to buy souvenirs. If you’re looking for some tasty cuisine while visiting, there are plenty of great places to eat including traditional English staples like pies and fish and chips and also food from all over the world on offer. We’ve also included information about attractions that not only appeal locally but also nationally, meaning they’ll be loved by visitors from all over the world too!

Nottingham’s public transportation is fantastic – especially their tram system! It connects people from all over the city and suburbs to central Nottingham. The new trams are very clean, efficient, carbon-neutral ways of getting around town; they’re also loved by locals for these reasons too!​

Nottingham Attractions

All around the city centre you’ll notice an eclectic mix of history intermingled with modern buildings that embody what it means to be one of England’s best cities. What better way to take in all this beautiful scenery than on foot? With more than 25 miles worth of walking routes to choose from, exploring by foot is always going to offer up some unexpected surprises along the way – so don’t forget your camera too!
If visiting as part of a family travelling together then why not head over to Nottingham Castle and dungeons, Adventure Valley Theme Park or SEA LIFE Centre.

The Nottingham Castle is located on a small island within the city. It was built in medieval times and this castle has been used throughout history as a stronghold for conquering armies, most recently by Oliver Cromwell during his invasion of England. The castle now houses many activities such as an art gallery and museum, where you can explore different aspects of life in Medieval Britain. Nottingham Castle is the home of The Prince of Wales and has been for over 600 years. It’s situated right in the centre of town with a commanding view overlooking Nottingham city centre from its hilltop site.

In close proximity to the Nottingham City Centre lies Sherwood Forest with its vast tree-lined paths leading through picturesque woodland that must keep the tree surgeons in Nottingham constantly busy with tree work. The forest is also dotted with wild flowers which attracts honey bees from neighbouring fields and local woodlands. This forest contains some ancient oaks which are more than 1000 years old – one oak called the Major Oak once served as Robin Hood’s hideout! Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve is an ancient place that was once home to Robin Hood’s bandit hideout. Walk through the forest or explore its beautiful villages by bike for stunning views over the Trent Valley countryside. Sherwood forest is an ancient royal hunting ground that became legend when it was mentioned by William Shakespeare, in his play

Nottingham football teams are really something else; they’ve won two European Cups – each time against Spanish opposition (1973 vs Atlético Madrid, 1979 vs Real Madrid). In recent years they have also taken part in the Premier League as well as three other top domestic leagues across Europe. There are two teams in Nottingham Forests and Notts County.

The River Trent in Nottingham is a beautiful and historic waterway that has shaped the landscape of the nation’s second largest city. The river was first mentioned in history as early as 943 AD, when it was recorded as “Trente” on King Edgar of England’s estate map. It might be hard to imagine now, but this ancient watercourse once ran through an area of lowland heath, which would flood at high tide to create a shallow estuary across what is now known as the Trent Valley.

​As you can see Nottingham has a lot to offer, whether it be a day out or long weekend, you cannot go wrong by visiting this magnificent City. 

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