Ivy Removal

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Ivy removal from Houses and other structures

​When growing Ivy is neglected and ignored on a property, outbuilding or commercial premises then it can easily get out of hand and eventually cause various expensive structural problems. Let”s have a look at a few of these potential downfalls if Ivy is left unattended and not maintained on a regular basis.

House and Garden Wall Damage

Ivy that grows on the walls of your house, external buildings, or garden walls, now we get posed questions quite regularly about will it cause damage to the masonry structure of these walls?. As always like most situations, it depends. If your brickwork is new or in a solid-state, then it should not pose any threat and cause damages, but I would advise still maintain its growth every year with a maintenance program. The problem we come across all the time is Ivy that grows on brickwork and rendering that is older in age, so there are always defects of some sort or another, like crumbling and cracks in the mortar, crevices in the bricks and rendering. These defects allow ivy the roots to penetrate these areas and expand considerably causing damages that we see only too often.

Other Ivy problems relating to houses and property

Ivy is good at damaging rendering and causing expensive damage
sIvy pushes up and lifts roofing tiles and soffits, which in turn can have an impact on the weatherproofing of your house. Ivy roots can weaken cement, mortar, and older brickwork. Ivy damages timbers like wood door frames, window frames. Ivy can choke other vegetation and starve them of light and nutrients. 

 Ivy can indeed be a problem climbing plant, but with some careful care and due attention, we can take care of it for you and cut back to a more manageable state. Our specialist tree surgeons and arborists are well able to deal with all sorts of invasive trees and plants that you may want to get rid of.

Wisteria is another popular climber plant and needs to be cut back to around two or three buds either once at mid-winter or a couple of times throughout the year.

When Ivy produces a thick and dense coverage on external house walls it can start to house pests such as mice. Also, it can be easy for an intruder such as a burglar to climb the thick foliage, basically use the ivy-like ladder to enter your upstairs windows that may have been left open.

This also includes large conifers that are sited next to your property, we offer a reduction and trimming service on these large evergreens if you required.

If you think that your ivy is growing out of control, then please call us now for a FREE consultation and FREE Quotation to have it trimmed back, pruned, shaped or totally removed altogether.

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