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Hedge Trimming Services

​Keeping and maintaining a nice well-kept landscape often needs the regular maintenance of the surrounding hedges and the ones that divide your property. But to guarantee and ensure proper even and straight trimming of the larger hedges can often prove to be a challenging task for most residential homeowners, country estates, commercial landowners, and business premises alike.

Nottingham Tree Surgery and Arborist Services are knowledgeable experts in this field and have extensive experience in all aspects of hedge trimming, as we have invested in the best hedge cutting equipment and tools to get the work completed efficiently and safely. All our customers’ hedges are manually trimmed using pruners and hand saws. Trimming hedges with power or chain saws can cause damage to the hedges and leaves, resulting in unsightly, misaligned broken branches.

Our professional tree surgeons will always assess your hedge condition and species of your hedge prior to any trimming work to determine the correct height that will offer the best health, beauty, and aesthetics. All damaged, broken, and dead branches, vines and suckers will be rejected from the hedgerows, and then shaped to a final finish. This will allow all the dimensions of your hedges to benefit from rain and the natural sunlight, this, in turn, will ensure that you get even growth, greenness with minimal bare spots.

You can also enquire about our sculptural hedge shaping as well for a different style to your landscape!

Our hedge trimming professional will always provide you with those stunning results that you are looking for.

Properly trimmed and pruned hedges can certainly add value and aesthetic appeal to your home. Our company offers kinds of trimming and pruning for whatever size hedges or shrubbery that you may have. If you require your hedges to be removed and also we have the equipment for stump removals after the hedges have been cut down and removed, Our surgeons are able to completely remove the leftover stumps with a process we call in the trade “stump grinding.” This selection process will grind these stumps so they are sited below ground level. This will allow the placement of new topsoil, turf, or cement to be laid on top. If you have multiple trees, hedges situated on your commercial property or large domestic home, then we offer a very competitive land clearing service that is also available to all our customers throughout Nottingham. 

The regular upkeep, maintenance, pruning, and trimming of your cedar hedge is an important factor to ensure the growth of a dense and healthy hedge. Cedar plants need a good supply of natural light and sun as adjacent trees fill in the canopy and can block out and overshadow your hedge, which can cause areas of the hedge to suffer and die out. It is therefore essential to prune these trees to allow sunshine to get to your hedge.

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