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Nottingham Tree Surgery and Arborist Services

Our Complete Customer Service

Each and every job we take on is completed with our utmost care, precision and dedication. We’re always on hand throughout your job’s development. From your initial meeting and consultation with one of our top tree surgeons in the Nottingham area, right the way through to a project completion, we make a promise to you that we will deliver our outstanding customer service, together with expert guidance, resulting in smooth professional transaction. Below is a list of questions that are frequently asked by our customers.

Q: What do our tree surgeons do?

A: Our Nottingham Tree surgeons are experts at reshaping, felling, pruning and trimming all types of trees that help to make outdoor areas a safer environment and more visually pleasing. Tree surgery is a dangerous and risky profession where workers often use chainsaws, power tools, rigging, pulleys and climbing equipment. Tree surgeons need to be fit, healthy and proficient climbers as they move around trees to cut away dead branches, reduce trees in height, remove trees altogether that pose danger to buildings and human life.

Q: Can I do my own Tree Surgery?

A: Please reconsider against this as tree surgery is a highly skilled job. Many people try to complete this kind of work to save money and this can be a big mistake. Ask yourself this question. If you have an accident and need time off work to recover from, how much would that cost you? The tools we use such as chainsaws and stump grinders are specialist machinery that should only be in the hands of trained tree surgeons and arborists. A lot of people hire this equipment and have no right to be using it and the hire companies in my opinion should not be hiring it out to novices. Stay safe and get the professionals to do the job, we are fully insured, take away all the debris and nice people to do business with.

Q: What do you take into account when pricing up a tree surgery job?

A: We look at all the different aspects and take everything into consideration.

Access to the Job

Having good accessibility to the tree or trees in question can have a significant impact on our quotation. For example, if trees are difficult and hard-to-reach then we may need to utilise some of our expensive tree surgeon equipment to cater for and reach some parts, which will also have the extra added time factor involved, and a more time consuming exercise to clear all the excess debris created.

Type of Tree work in question

Tree removal work, tree pruning, crown lifting and shaping, pollarding and tree height reductions, stump removals and stump grinding, all these services and maintenance tasks are individually priced for FREE during our site visit. It all depends on the skills required to complete your particular tree related work in Nottingham.

Location of your Trees

If you have a tree that is situated near to a road, wall or fencing, then usually they are most likely easy to remove. On the other hand trees that are sited close to buildings, utility power lines and public places, could require a more in depth effort to remove, trim, prune or even sectionally dismantle with rigging, pulleys or heavy machinery

Q: What kind of tree services do you offer?

A: Here are the most common services that we perform for our Nottingham clients:

  • Tree Removals, Including Dangerous and problem Trees, sectional dismantling
  • Emergency Tree Service – Cleaning up the mess of broken trees and removing dangerous branches, usually due to adverse weather conditions like strong winds and storms
  • Land & Brush Clearing/Wood Chipping/Log Cutting
  • Tree Cutting Service/Trimming/Pruning – Helps your trees to blossom, grow and become stronger.
  • Tree Planting and Location Planning
  • Tree Crowning/Tree Crown Reductions/Crown Lifting/ Crown Thinning
  • Tree Cabling & Bracing
  • Stump Grinding – Grinding down a stump and roots to below ground level so the ground can be levelled and re-used
  • Stump Removal – Removal of unwanted stumps and roots
  • Tree Planting – Advice and planting trees at your home or commercial premises.​
  • Full Tree Maintenance and Tree Service Contracts


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