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We fully understand that when you have a tree in your front yard or backyard, it’s important to make sure everything from pruning and removal is done correctly. Our fully insured Derby Tree Surgery and Arborist Services, we offer expert advice on all things related to trees! Whether it’s planting new ones, maintaining them and keeping them healthy throughout their years, then you can count on us, by removing dead wood, cutting back, shaping, trimming and pruning when needed, then our team has got what it takes. From conifer and hedge removal, tree stump grinding and tree felling and tree removal, we cover all aspects of tree surgery and arborist work .

Anything trees! Call the professionals: tree surgeons Derby.

If you have been searching on Google for Tree  surgeons near me in Derby, then call us now for our approachable helpful and exceptionally friendly service, by local Tree surgeons who know the area and can tailor a cost-effective solution exactly for your personal needs.

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Our Services

We offer our customers a variety of services in Derby and the surrounding areas, including the Amber Valley region that are perfect for and aspect of tree work that you may require.

From tree surgery, crown lifting, deadwood removal to hedge trimming – Our Derby tree surgeon professionals can handle it all, and our tree surgeon Derby prices are best by far!

Contact us today with your tree related problems so we may provide you with quick free no hassle  quotation on what’s needed to done.

Tree services that we offer our customers

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Felling
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Surgery
  • Arborist Work
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Hedge Maintenance 
  • Hedge Removal
  • Ivy Removal
  • Tree Stump Removal
  • Tree Stump Grinding

    We can provide  tree services to residential and commercial clients to residential clients, which includes business owners in all sectors. Our company can provide teams to handle maintenance contracts for tree work on a 24/7 basis. Contact us at anytime to discuss your requirements or for more info.

Telephone: 0115-824-3203

Tree Removal​ Services

There are a lot of things we can do to help trees grow and stay healthy, but sometimes they need to be removed, whether for safety reasons because they are damaged, or just died through old age and became diseased. Whatever the reason we can perform a tree removal service on any unwanted trees on residential or commercial land. Some trees are in such poor health and general condition that they have to be removed in order to ensure that no person or property nearby is put in danger. It may also be the case that a tree’s roots are compromising the structural integrity of a building, and as a result will need to be removed. If this is the case we will cut down the tree safely and remove the tree stump entirely or grind it away with our specialised machinery  called a stump grinder if you wish.

​Tree Stump Removal &

Tree stump removal is a dangerous practice under the wrong hands, please do not hire a stump grinding machine as they can be lethal when operated by someone with no training. When it comes to removing tree stumps, there are few places around locally that can compare with the expertise of our Derby-based company. We’re pleased when you call us for stump grinding and removal services because not only do we have equipment specifically designed for these jobs but also an expert staff who’s been working in this field long enough  to operate these machines safely.

As an experienced team of tree surgeons for all tree stump removal derby , we are able to offer you cost-effective stump removals, and professional service that will leave your outdoor space looking great. We use the waste wood chipping material from the stump grinder to back fill the void created in the ground, so nothing goes to waste.

Telephone: 0115-824-3203

​Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming

A healthy, well-pruned or trimmed tree is a beautiful thing to behold. When you trim trees regularly and keep deadwood from accumulating in your garden or commercial trees, the space that sunlight can penetrate into increases greatly! That’s not all: pruning away at least one third (or more) of its height every year also helps to promote strong growth with plenty nutrients for new branches/leaves. which will help get rid of any potential diseases or pests present on them too. We always leave behind nothing but beautifully maintained trees and woodlands after we’re done.  We always like to work hard to clear up the area after we have trimmed, pruned and cut the unwanted branches, limbs and foliage, so your land looks stunning, as if we have never been there! Make sure to check out our tree pruning and trimming page for more information.

​​Emergency Services

If there is ever a time when trees are in in a dangerous position, such as threatening to fall on the roof of your house, onto cars driving below, or risking human life, then do not hesitate! You must act quickly and call our Emergency Tree Services before any serious damage occurs, which might cost much more than just hiring a tree surgeon to remove the tree beforehand. You can call us anytime if you suspect a tree is not in good shape and needs removing urgently, or a tree has actually already fallen through adverse weather conditions, and is blocking access to a road or building. When health and safety issues are involved, it’s always advised to act fast. Call us straight away for a fast response!

​​Tree Crown Thinning and Reductions

​​​​If you are looking to get your trees crowned, reduction, lifted or crown cleaning, then give us a call to arrange an appointment. These are professional expert tree surgery services that are second to none in the Derby area.

Crown thinning is a form of selective pruning that reduces the risk of failure from high winds, while also creating an evenly balanced crown of a tree.

Crown reduction means reducing the overall size and volume your tree’s crown, while still maintaining the natural shape and beauty of the tree.

Crown lifting is to remove and take away the lower  branches of your trees canopy. This will in turn create a more regal look. This service is quite regularly carried out on trees situated on the sides of roads. This lifting aspect is a great way of achieving an increase of natural light into your garden area or producing a long lost view again that you once had. 

​​Deadwooding & Deadwood Removal​

Deadwooding as some people call it, or dead wood removal, is just the process of taking away old branches and limbs that may have died or become dangerous because they have become unstable over a period of time. This service is vital if you want to keep your trees in good shape and free from dangerous branches from falling because of neglect. There can be many reasons for these dead branches, either disease, light deficiency, pest attacks, or even root damage. So if you want to stay safe and take care of your trees health, then call us to discuss your dead wood health check requirements. Falling deadwood branches can break free at any moment through strong winds and storms, or just detach themselves at any time naturally. A fallen limb can cause severe damage to nearby buildings or even human life!

​​Tree Planting​ Services

One of the best ways to make your property stand out is by planting trees. Tree roots cleanse soil and water, they provide shade that helps regulate temperature in summertime (and winter) as well as acting like air conditioners at lower altitudes due their heavy leafing canopy; this means reduced energy costs for people who live near them! Not only do you get all these benefits but also improved aesthetics because many species canopies are actually pretty stunning too – especially when they’re planted correctly. We offer a tree planting service all over derby for our residential and commercial clients.

​​​Tree Pollarding

Pollarding is an old traditional method of pruning that dates back to even the Roman times. It’s a style of heavy pruning that involves cutting off the main top branches of a tree like it shows on the image on the right hand side, and basically as far  as the trunk of the tree itself. This in time creates fresh new, strong growth, and dense thick foliage. This is requested by our tree owners, both residential and commercial so they can reach the desired size they require. Pollarding is a restriction process that promotes new growth spurts, and keeps the tree in a juvenile state. The Romans used this to their advantage as to keep harvesting the new branches and stems to use in construction and their craftwork

Please be aware: This method is only advisable on some species of trees, such as willows, oak and beech.

​​​​Tree Felling & Sectional Dismantling

​​Sometimes the only method to remove an unsafe or problem tree to fell the tree and maybe taking it down using a term called sectional dismantling.

If a tree is sitting in an awkward place and become a danger due to its health, stability or leaning too far over close to buildings, public roads or utility power cables, then it could pose a danger to fell the tree as a whole. This calls for a professional approach where the tree will be taken to the ground in sections safely and securely so no harm comes to the surroundings or people close by.

If you think that you require our expertise and this service, then please get in touch as soon as you can so we can consult with you on the appropriate action that needs to be taken.

Please be fully assured that our Derby tree surgeons are fully equipped with the latest modern state of the art tools and plant equipment to do the job correctly and safely.

​​​​​Hedge Trimming & Hedge Cutting

Hedge trimming, pruning and hedge cutting is a professional service that we offer all over Derby. Our highly trained and specialist tree surgeons can provide these services for both domestic and commercial customers to a high-level.
There are many a reason why hedge cutting could be of interest to you, such as overhanging hedges that need cutting and trimming and have just become too much to handle. Other issues can arise due to hedges encroaching onto other peoples property or council pavements. We are fully equipped with all the latest hedge cutting and trimming equipment at our disposal and can cover any residential garden trimming job, or commercial
hedge cutting maintenance contracts.

Telephone: 0115-824-3203

​​Ivy Removal

Ivy can look fantastic and add a new dimension to the front of your home, walls or outbuildings. But Ivy does need to controlled regularly. If ivy is just left to it’s own device, and not maintained ,then it can soon become quite damaging to brickwork and cause structural problems. Ivy is a fast climbing plant that needs to be monitored, especially when attached to buildings, as it can soon get out of control and cause untold amount of expensive problems that you don’t want. Also this aggressive climber can soon take over in your garden as it strangles trees, plants and shrubs, starving them of light and oxygen. If your tree is covered in Ivy then this can add extra weight to the tree as smothers the canopy, thus affecting the whole stability of the trees structure. We offer a comprehensive Ivy removal service

​​Conifer Trees – Maintenance & Removal

Give us a call to arrange your single conifers or conifer hedges for trimming and cutting. Also if your property has a line of these fast growing evergreen trees, we can cut and shape them to your exact requirements. Tell us the height, width and depth and we will have them in ship shape in no time! And can keep them that way all year round. Your conifers usually need trimming and pruning a couple of times a year, all depending on the variety you have on your land. It really helps to keep up with a maintenance program when it comes to conifer’s as they can soon get out of control and take over your garden. If you neglect this regular maintenance advice and then try a heavy all out cut back, then this could kill your conifers altogether, or take a long period of time to recover to its former glory. If total removal of your large conifers is your wish, then we can do this for you. Sometimes customers would just like to reclaim the land that the conifers are now sited.

Searching for tree surgeons Derbyshire, you will find us well versed in the removal of these trees, and we can take out the stumps also, with our stump grinding machinery.

Conifer Tree Solutions

  • Conifer Trimming – Cutting – Shaping – Pruning
  • ​Conifer Tree Removals- Hedge Removal
  • Conifer Tree Stump Removal – Grinding
  • Conifer Maintenance – Reductions – Cut back
  • Leylandii Tree Removal – Hedge Reductions

Telephone: 0115-824-3203

​Commercial Tree Surgery

Our tree service Company offers a full and diverse range of economic and eco-friendly commercial tree services that serve Derby towns and villages in the local community. We have the professional workforce and equipment to cover all tree maintenance, ground clearing, vegetation management contracts and tree removals that you need attending to. We can prepare a detailed, competitive priced quotation for any up and coming work in Derbyshire. We are a committed team of focused tree surgeons and arborists that always puts the clients needs first,  we don’t cut corners, we do a proper job, with the view of eventual repeat business. Our fully insured team of dedicated tree surgeons come with professional credentials, and each of  them carries all the relevant training certificates, together with the correct health and safety certificates. ​Contact us at any time to discuss your needs, or complete our contact form and we will return your request.

​Derby Tree Surgeons: ​Affordable Pricing with excellent service

We offer all our customers a fair and honest price structure to hire our local tree surgeons in Derby.

Our free consultations together with free tree surgeon quotations, are always precise and competitive for the local area. We are confident in producing the best and most efficient, professional tree surgery and Arborist services that are excellent all round value. Call us now for your fast quote

​License and insurance certificates are always available to view upon request

Our policies and Indemnities include the following:
​Employees Liability: £10,000,000
Public Liability: £5,000,000
Professional Indemnity: £1,000,000

For more frequently asked questions and answers, refer to our FAQ page. Also see our helpful links for more information.

Telephone: 0115-824-3203

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Tree Surgery Questions

How do I find a good tree surgeon?

An online search for tree surgeons in your area by adding “tree surgeon near me” to your search engine should turn up the best results for top tree surgeons. We make sure to keep our website up to date with relevant content to stay on retain our online visibility.

If you want more information about how one local tree surgery company stacks up against another, feel free to request this using our contact form. We offer all kinds of services including estimates on projects big and small.

You can also check out the reviews from our clients in your area who have hired us for a similar service. This can be done at sites like Google and Yelp. You may even find that some of our clients have written about us on  blogs.

What Is Ground Heave and What Causes It?

Ground heave is the upward movement of soil caused by the growth of tree roots. The roots grow and expand, pushing against the sides of the hole in which they are growing. This can cause the ground to rise up, sometimes by several feet.

The primary cause of ground heave is trees that have been planted too close to buildings. There are several considerations on this subject and we have review them extensively on this page.


What is the difference between an arborist and a tree surgeon?

An arborist is a person who is trained to care for trees. 

A tree surgeon is a type of arborist that has been specially trained in the removal and preservation or trees. Apart from tree surgeons, other arborists include conservationists, foresters, groundskeepers and horticulturalists.

How much does it cost to cut a large tree down UK?

The cost of cutting down trees will depend on the type of tree, its size and location. Some professionals may charge per hour while others might offer a flat rate price for particular types and sizes of trees. Also keep in mind there are different ways to cut down trees such as: Chainsaw, Bow Saw & Chipper/Grinder method. It can be difficult to find an arborist service company that has affordable rates – yet you have landed on the website of professionals with good price. 

Read more on tree cutting costs