​Average Cost to Cut Down a Tree

​​Why Is Tree Removal so expensive?

​We understand why a customer would ask this question when confronted with a tree removal quotation, as tree removal does not come cheap and is most likely going to be an expensive venture. And when a client looks at our invoice, it’s easy to see why they might be thinking why this specialist tree surgery work cost is so high. So I have put together an explanation of why tree removals are the price they are, this I hope will give you insight into what’s involved, and a much better understanding of why.

Q: What do our tree surgeons do?

A: Our Nottingham Tree surgeons are experts at reshaping, felling, pruning and trimming all types of trees that help to make outdoor areas a safer environment and more visually pleasing. Tree surgery is a dangerous and risky profession where workers often use chainsaws, power tools, rigging, pulleys and climbing equipment. Tree surgeons need to be fit, healthy and proficient climbers as they move around trees to cut away dead branches, reduce trees in height, remove trees altogether that pose danger to buildings and human life.

Dangerous Profession

Tree cutting is a dangerous profession that requires knowledge of how the tree holds itself up and what will happen when cut with a chain saw. News reports are filled with accident stories involving untrained workers or even homeowners who attempted to remove trees without understanding this crucial information. Our professional tree surgeons do not shy away from the challenge of tree removal. Trees can be compromised for many different reasons, such as storm damage or years of neglect. When trees are dead they may become brittle and inflexible. When we attempt to cut it down they will often shatter sending broken branches and debris over your property which could cause any number of potential problems, including damage to property and the shattered of glass windows that happen to be in the close proximity. Tree specialists take on this sensitive work day-in and day-out because their skills make them necessary professionals who help maintain clean residential gardens and commercial land, while providing you with beautiful scenery year round – no matter what Mother Nature throws our way!


Tree removal cost is expensive because there are so many factors to take into consideration, such as the type of tree and the size which both have an effect on how much it will cost to remove a tree. There are also different methods for removing trees, which all come with their own pricing plan. For example, if you need your tree removed by crane, then that will cost more than if you can simply climb up and cut the branches yourself. Regardless of why your need your tree removed, we can help! Our professional staff is available 24 hours a day to answer any questions or concerns that you might have about our services and pricing plans. Give us a call today. We have the best prices, having benchmarked prices against other professionals globally, like Emondage Laval Pros in Montreal, London tree surgery experts, and the like.

Insurance Policies

Some people might think that tree service is a safe profession, but in reality, it can be one of the most dangerous professions on the planet. This does not come as much surprise to many considering how high insurance premiums are for this line of work. However, some tree companies have found other ways around these expensive insurance rates by using subcontracted labor instead which could leave you liable should any accidents or damages take place on your property or surrounding area. We would never risk putting our clients’ homes and trees or anything else for that matter, that they may cherish into danger so we’ve taken care to pay those costly premiums with full protection plans just for them. So yes you can relax in the knowledge that we are fully insured for your peace of mind, and for tree surgeons this does not come cheap.

We are the company to call for all your tree removal needs. We’re not only competitive, but we also provide unbeatable and friendly customer service and unparalleled value for money. With our high level of training and state-of-the art technology that will get you a professional job done without any hassle or worries about safety on your property. With us around, everything is taken care of from removing trees to an impeccably finished and clean area afterward, making and sure nothing goes wrong in between. Phone Nottingham Tree Surgery and Arborist Services.

How we gauge a tree removal 

  • By the amount of trees that need work? It can be cheaper to manage a number of trees all at once rather than an individual tree.
  • The Species of trees and the overall size? If your trees are in a mature state, our tree surgeon may need to scale and use a climbing harness, crane, cherry picker or alternative specialist access equipment. Some types of trees are more robust than other trees and will be able to take more weight. 
  • Do you remove the roots as well? Some tree species have roots systems that can cause problems later. Depending on the tree in question, some are easier than others.
  • Where are your trees located?. Are they adjacent to nearby buildings? or in close proximity to utility supplies? 
  • Can we get access to the trees in our truck? This can be a problem if we cannot, as heavy specialist equipment will need to be transported another way and this could be a time factor. 
  • We will estimate the amount of waste there is to be removed. Trees can produce a lot of waste and debris when removing a tree. We have an industrial shredder at our disposal that makes short work of the branches and foliage, the end product is a mulch which we can give to our customer for their garden, and larger cut logs can be kept if requested, or taken away if need be.

Trees need to be removed for a variety of reasons. Some trees are just too close to your property boundary’s, others may not have enough space around them in your domestic garden or commercial premises, and still others might pose a danger because they’re diseased or dying. The cost of tree removal also depends on the type of tree that needs removing. Whether it’s an oak, silver birch, maple, pine, large conifer or any other kind. Every size tree has its own pricing as well. For example, if you need more than one truckload to remove all the cut limbs from your felled tree then you’ll pay extra for every load and the time it takes. Every aspect of your tree removal will be calculated accordingly and a firm price quoted for your approval.

As you can now appreciate, tree removal is a dangerous and risky professional business that needs expensive specialist equipment to complete the work so trees are removed safely and efficiently. For this to happen all our tree surgeons have completed rigorous training in all aspects of tree surgery, health and safety and climbing skills.

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