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We provide a wide variety of services including emergency work if required quickly and swiftly. For over 20 years we have been helping Nottingham homeowners and businesses with their tree-related needs. With our high-quality service and affordable rates, it is no wonder that we are the number one choice for many people when they need help with trees around their residential property or commercial premises

We provide tree surgery in Nottingham, but that’s not all. Our main focus is on trees and we have the knowledge needed to help you with any of your tree needs. We are fully equipped for difficult jobs such as emergency tree removals or stump removal and stump grinding. No matter what type of service you need from a tree care company, our talented team of specialists will be able to take care of your needs quickly and efficiently

Whether it’s because there’s been an accident caused by branches falling off a large oak or the sudden appearance of hazardous conifers close to buildings – often require immediate attention before they become more dangerous to people living nearby. We can remove these dangers without delay so you don’t have to worry about the health and safety issues involve

If you have been searching for  Tree  surgeons  near me  in Nottingham, then call us now for a helpful, guaranteed and exceptional service by Tree surgeons who know exactly what they are doing

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About US

Our organisation began with one straightforward strategic plan to ensure that trees in the local Nottingham area are all round cared for. For that, we love helping the individual homeowners and businesses that are the owners of these trees. We are here to listen, advise and guide them with their ideal approach on how to go about looking after their trees in the best possible way. This includes trimming, pruning and maintaining how to look after and properly care for the trees on their property or commercial land. Also to think about, and show how important these big green oxygen giving giants are to our environment that we as a whole know and love. We have now ventured and moulded our company into the best tree surgeons in Nottinghamshire, that is now effective and ready to provide the vital skillsets to keep us at the top of our game.

Our Services

We chose to ensure that the clients who utilise our offered services, or forthcoming clients who might want to try, later on, are completely aware of all the various available resources we can offer them. That implies they can connect and book any of our  professional services  for themselves at whatever time or pace they need, and they have enough information to settle on the correct decision for their very own trees, either at home or commercial premises.

​If you have been searching on Google for tree surgeon near me or just tree surgeon Nottingham, you need to go no further, as you have landed in the right place and we can take care of all your needs. Thank you.

​​We provide a full commercial service to residential clients and businesses of all sizes, and can handle maintenance contracts as well as for monthly or quarterly needs. Our team is available on a 24/7 basis so contact us today for a FREE Consultation and FREE Quotation.

Telephone: 0115-824-3203

Our Modern Techniques, Methods and Equipment

By utilising our heavily invested and state of the art tree surgery and arborist equipment and professional tree surgeon techniques, we’re much more able to guarantee that each residential or commercial job that we carry for our customers is always completed to the highest degree of quality. We can quickly tailor and efficiently apply our trade to a time frame that matches our clients needs. Whatever your tree surgeon service requirements are, we can ensure that there will be the least amount of disruption to you, your land, or trees on your property. We operate our select services safely and securely and hand back your land exactly how you want it.

​Our Complete Gallery of Customer Service Packages

Each and every job our tree company takes on is completed with our utmost care, precision and dedication. We’re always on hand throughout your job’s development. From your initial meeting and consultation with one of our top tree surgeons in the Nottingham area, right the way through to a project completion, we make a promise to you that we will deliver our outstanding customer service, together with expert guidance, resulting in smooth professional tree service transaction.

Our sought after superior tree removals and maintenance services are available whether you are situated in Nottingham, Long eaton, West Bridgford, Loughborough or other local areas in and around Nottinghamshire. We always Strive to deliver the peace of mind that our customers need. We will use our tree surgeon skills and wide variety of professional methods to produce that aesthetically pleasing look you would like to achieve for the trees on your land. From formative tree trimming, tree pruning, crown lifting, crown thinning, or tree pollarding, our regular program of tree cutting services and maintenance programs are designed to lengthen the life of all your trees.

Tree Removal​ Services

Tree removal is never a simple activity and there are numerous reasons why you would need to complete this task. That is the reason it is wise and very important to get an expertly trained tree surgeon to take care of this difficult business. We are the local Nottingham tree surgeon experts that can do this, and also do it well. Connect with us today to begin (or proceed) with an enquiry, either residential or commercially with the best tree organisation in the Nottinghamshire region. We can fell and remove any type of tree, dispose of the tree in any domestic or commercial land area, and we will do it in an expert professional manner, on time and with the correct procedures in place to make the tree removal go smoothly, safely and to plan. We can even grind away the tree stump if required. Call our Nottingham Tree Surgeons now for a FREE quote.

Do I Have To Worry About Ground Heave After Tree Removal?

Ground heave is a common issue that homeowners may encounter after tree removal. This occurs because the roots of the tree are pushing up on the ground, causing it to sag or bow in certain areas. However, this problem should resolve itself over time as the roots decay and settle into their new surroundings. If you are concerned about ground heave, engage our tree removal service to discuss your options. We have reviewed this subject extensively on this page.

​Tree Stump Removal &

Removal and grinding of stumps can be a troublesome assignment that requires a great deal of skill, information, ability and the right stump grinding machinery to do it well. Our stump grinding and removal systems are the best of their kind, administered in the local Nottinghamshire neighbourhood. We are pleased to state that our Nottingham tree surgeons have been working these stump removal jobs now and for whatever length of time that there is a request for these professional services. Call our tree surgeons in Nottingham to get the show on the road with your very own tree stump removal service. You can read about tree stumps here.

Telephone: 0115-824-3203

“We are more than happy with the service and work that was completed by Nottingham tree surgery and arborist guys. They turned up when expected and did not stop until finishing the work. They did a variety of different tasks that were desperately needed on the large trees in our garden. All the large tree crowns were thinned down, plus all our smaller trees got taken right back with a good old tree trimming and pruning. All the branches were chipped using this large machine and spread over our garden. The lads did a fantastic professional job, were tidy and polite, and that’s why I am writing this review and have no problem recommending them to anyone who needs this kind of work to be done. Thanks.” – Kerry Murphy

​Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming

When you click to go to this service page, we would like to run you through the pruning and trimming strategies significant to pruning and the upkeep it takes to keep on top of these jobs. We will give you an outline of what you can anticipate from our tree trimming services as far as time scales and procedures and give you the different ways that you can book a job through the website. Fruit tree pruning is one service that is very popular with our customers as they need taking care of with proper training or they will not bare high quality fruit like you want them to. Any questions can always be addressed by contacting our tree surgeons in Nottingham, at anytime of the day, and we are always here to give expert advice and guidance about the trees on your land or workplaces. Even if you just need some tree trimming, tree cutting and pruning work done and not a full tree removal then no problem, we can do whatever you require. If you have large conifer trees or hedges that have taken over your garden, then maybe it’s time to give them a haircut they deserve! We can trim and shape your trees to let light back into your garden.

​​Emergency Services

There are various Emergency tree service benefits that we are working right here in the Nottingham region. We keep extraordinary lines open to complete these – subsequently, the word ‘crisis’ and we will keep on being there for the clients who help to prop us up:


That is the thing that keeps us inspired to come into work each day, and do as well as can be expected. Kindly don’t stop for a second in trying to reach us today for more friendly advice from our helpful tree surgeons on any tree issues that you may have.


We are an amicable crew and just as happy chatting about trees as we are working on them.

“They completed the work when they said they would which is a plus these days. The guys that came to my property were courteous and polite and set about the job after a cup of tea and an initial chat, informing me of the process involved. The stump they had to grind and remove was right next to my property, so they protected my windows and front door with barriers in case any debris struck these delicate areas. I have no problem recommending these lads (and making them tea) as they worked hard until dusk. Great job and price.” – Many thanks Peter Tate

​​Tree Crown Thinning and Reductions

If your requirements are for a tree to be crowned, either crown thinning crown reduction, crown lifting or crown cleaning service of any kind, then please do not hesitate in contacting Nottingham tree surgery and arborist services. We can supply you with an accurate competitive quotation and expert advice. It’s not a problem for our tree surgeons to pop round and offer our expertise on your tree-related problems.

A professional solution is always on hand, together with a great price for our tree services.

  • Crown reduction
  • Crown Thinning 
  • Crown lifting
  • Crown Cleaning​
  • Deadwood Removal

​​Deadwooding & Deadwood Removal​

Deadwooding or the removal of deadwood is taking away limbs and branches of a tree that could become unstable and dangerous. There are many reasons why these deceased branches have died off. It could be through pests, light deficient in areas, disease or root damage. Deadwooding a tree can become an urgent requirement, especially if the trees are situated near or overhanging roadways, buildings or there is a constant human footfall in the area. As you can imagine the devastation that could be caused if these limbs are detached through adverse weather conditions or just naturally fall, they can inflict serious damage or even loss of life if not attended to. If you suspect, or would like our professional tree surgeons and professional tree climbers to assess the situation of likely deadwood removal, then please get in touch with our tree surgeons that operate in the Nottingham area for a FREE inspection, survey and quotation.

​​Tree Planting​ Services

​​Tree planting must be one of the most honourable things that we can do with our time, tools and arboricultural skills. There are various plans that we engage with and we would be proud to have the opportunity to plant trees for you and your family or maybe on a commercial level, landscaping or garden design. We specialise in all kinds of tree planting throughout the local area. Examine what we can do and remember that we don’t simply cut, chop and prune trees, our tree surgeons also like to create areas of great natural beauty. We offer this service for residential and commercial customers in the Nottingham area.

​​​Tree Pollarding

We offer tree pollarding right throughout the Nottinghamshire Area.
Pollarding is an ancient method of pruning going as far back as Roman times. It involves cutting the main top branches like in the photograph, back to the trunk of the tree, which in time will create new growth and thick dense foliage, usually done when the tree reaches a certain size desired by the owner. This service is completed by our local tree surgeons for residential and commercial purposes. Annually it’ll restrict the growth of the tree and keep it in a juvenile state, expanding the trees life. The Romans used this method to their advantage so they could harvest the new stems and branches every year for crafts and construction.​

Please Note: This method is only used on certain types of trees.

​​​​Tree Felling & Sectional Dismantling

​​There are certain times that the only way is to remove a problem tree altogether. It could be that the tree in question is not safe, has an incurable disease or infection, maybe it’s dangerously leaning towards a residential or commercial building, interfering with utilities or power cables.
If you think that you need a tree felling or some of the main branches need sectionally dismantling, please give our Nottingham tree surgeons a call and we will assess the situation for you, give you our best advice and instructions on a way to move forward, together with a competitive quote and price for doing the tree work.
Rest assured that our Nottingham tree surgeons are fully insured and have the latest state of the art equipment at our disposal to get the job done right! We are best tree company in the area to trust for all tree removals and tree felling work.

We can complete any precision Tree Felling and Sectional Dismantling of trees that are in restricted and difficult areas with our specialist ropes and rigging equipment. If you would like to read more about getting permission for tree felling, we have a helpful leaflet issued by the Forestry commission.​​​

​​​​​Hedge Trimming & Hedge Cutting

Another top tree service that we offer is hedge trimming, hedge pruning and hedge cutting. Our specialist trained tree surgeons have professional expertise in this field and complete work for both residential and commercial clients.
There are several reasons you might require this service. It could be that your hedge has grown out of control or hanging over and covering a council pavement area, in some cases the hedges need cutting back as they have encroached over a boundary line. Whatever the hedge size, type or problem that needs sorting, we can give the hedge the correct attention that it needs. We have the right hedge trimming and cutting equipment to tackle any commercial hedge maintenance contract, or domestic home garden job. We can also remove hedges and hedgerows if they are no longer required or you would just like to create more space.

​​Ivy Removal

Ivy can add a nice aspect and feature to your garden and home, but only if maintained and looked after on a regular basis. On the other hand, badly maintained ivy can be a very disruptive force when left unattended and to do its own thing. This fast-growing climbing plant can cause all sorts of structural problems to your house and also affect the other trees and plants by strangling them and blocking out much-needed light. If Ivy has grown up the trunk of a tree, then this does not pose a problem, the problem is when it grows intensely in the crown of the tree, especially a tree that is sick or has problems, as this can add considerably more weight and affect the stability of the tree in time. You can read more about our ivy removal services.

​​Conifer Trees – Maintenance & Removal

We can trim your single conifers or conifer hedges if you have a row of these fast growing evergreens. We can shape them to your desired height and have them looking neat and tidy throughout the year. Conifers really need trimming and pruning a couple of times a year, depending on the type that you have on your premises and at least once a year for some varieties. It’s a good idea to keep up with the control of your conifer maintenance as if you leave for a few seasons and then complete a large and dramatic reduction it could quite easily kill the conifer outright or the recovery would take years to correct itself. If you would like your large conifers removed and claim the ground back in your property or commercial premises then our highly trained tree surgeons can certainly do that for you, and remove the conifer tree stumps also by grinding them down. Visit our cornifer services page to read more

Overgrown Conifer Solutions

  • Conifer Trimming – Shaping – Pruning
  • ​Conifer Removals- Hedge Removals
  • Conifer Stump Removal – Grinding
  • Conifer Maintenance – Reductions
  • Leylandii Removal – Hedge Reductions

Telephone: 0115-824-3203

​Commercial Tree Surgery

Our Company offers a wide range of economic and eco-friendly commercial tree services that serve Nottingham and the local towns and villages. We’ve got the manpower and modern machinery to tackle any tree-related, ground clearance, vegetation management, cutting down trees or maintenance project that you may have in mind. We are happy to produce a free competitively priced quotation for our professional services.
We are a committed outfit that always places our customer’s needs first, it is the forefront of our companies ethics.
We have fully insured team with great credentials and every one of our workers carries the relevant training certificates and health and safety mandates for our machinery and tools. ​

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or complete the contact form and we will get straight back to you.

​Affordable fair pricing structure with excellent services

We offer a fair pricing structure for our local tree surgeons in Nottingham and this is mirrored with our excellent gallery of tree services. Our free tree surgeon quotations are always accurate and produced with a confidence that comes with many years of completing previous tree surgery and arborist work to the highest standards. throughout Nottinghamshire. This gives us a good idea of what percentage and man-hours it will take to finish a contract, both in the domestic tree surgery and commercial tree surgeon sectors. Call us for a fast competitive no-obligation quotation.

​License and insurance certificates always available to customers on request

Our policies and Indemnities include the following:
​Employees Liability: £10,000,000
Public Liability: £5,000,000
Professional Indemnity: £1,000,000

​Frequently Asked Questions

How much do tree surgeons cost UK?

While tree surgeons typically cost around £30-£150 per hour, the size of the tree, location and difficulty involved with the job all affect the price of our tree service. We may charge more or less, or charge a flat fee depending on the scope of work, the experience and ability to complete the job quickly and type and size of trees. Also keep in mind there are different methods used such as: Chainsaw, Bow Saw & Chipper/Grinder method; which will influence pricing too. Contact us today to evaluate your specific situation and offer you a fast free no-obligation quote.

What do our tree surgeons do?

Our Nottingham Tree surgeons are experts at reshaping, felling, pruning and trimming all types of trees that help to make outdoor areas a safer environment and more visually pleasing. Tree surgery is a dangerous and risky profession where workers often use chainsaws, power tools, rigging, pulleys and climbing equipment. Tree surgeons need to be fit, healthy and proficient climbers as they move around trees to cut away dead branches, reduce trees in height, remove trees altogether that pose danger to buildings and human life.

Can I do my own Tree Surgery?

Please reconsider against this as tree surgery is a highly skilled job. Many people try to complete this kind of work to save money and this can be a big mistake. Ask yourself this question. If you have an accident and need time off work to recover from, how much would that cost you? The tools we use such as chainsaws and stump grinders are specialist machinery that should only be in the hands of trained tree surgeons and arborists. A lot of people hire this equipment and have no right to be using it and the hire companies in my opinion should not be hiring it out to novices. Stay safe and get the professionals to do the job, we are fully insured, take away all the debris and nice people to do business with.

What do you take into account when pricing up a tree surgery job?

We look at all the different aspects and take everything into consideration.

Size of the tree

Our initial survey and consultation that will be carried out by our professional tree surgeon  will determine your tree’s height, together with the trunk and crown width. The bigger the tree is, the more pruning and trimming work will need to be completed along with any specialised height gaining equipment such as cherry pickers or even cranes on occasions, which can considerably raise the price of your tree surgeon cost. It’s all down to the scale of the job.

Access to the Job

Having good accessibility to the tree or trees in question can have a significant impact on our quotation. For example, if trees are difficult and hard-to-reach then we may need to utilise some of our expensive tree surgeon equipment to cater for and reach some parts, which will also have the extra added time factor involved, and a more time consuming exercise to clear all the excess debris created.

Type of Tree work in question

Tree removal work, tree pruning, crown lifting and shaping, pollarding and tree height reductions, stump removals and stump grinding, all these services and maintenance tasks are individually priced for FREE during our site visit. It all depends on the skills required to complete your particular tree related work in Nottingham.

Location of your Trees

If you have a tree that is situated near to a road, wall or fencing, then usually they are most likely easy to remove. On the other hand trees that are sited close to buildings, utility power lines and public places, could require a more in depth effort to remove, trim, prune or even sectionally dismantle with rigging, pulleys or heavy machinery

What kind of tree services do you offer?

Here are the most common services that we perform for our Nottingham clients

  • Tree Removals, Including Dangerous and problem Trees, sectional dismantling
  • Emergency Tree Service – Cleaning up the mess of broken trees and removing dangerous branches, usually due to adverse weather conditions like strong winds and storms
  • Land & Brush Clearing/Wood Chipping/Log Cutting
  • Tree Cutting Service/Trimming/Pruning – Helps your trees to blossom, grow and become stronger.
  • Tree Planting and Location Planning
  • Tree Crowning/Tree Crown Reductions/Crown Lifting/ Crown Thinning
  • Tree Cabling & Bracing
  • Stump Grinding – Grinding down a stump and roots to below ground level so the ground can be levelled and re-used
  • Stump Removal – Removal of unwanted stumps and roots
  • Tree Planting – Advice and planting trees at your home or commercial premises.​
  • Full Tree Maintenance and Tree Service Contracts

Who actually is a Tree Surgeon?

A tree surgeon is a professional in his own right. They are highly trained individuals and tree care specialists in the art of tree surgery. They complete all kinds of tasks on a daily basis including tree trimming, pruning and cutting away any large limbs, they also remove whole trees that can be in a residential customers way or to make way on land or forest for a commercial building project that needs to progress forward. Sometimes this can include stump removals by grinding down the stumps with a large machine purposely built for the job. These unwanted stumps can protrude from the ground and become diseased, hazardous and troublesome on a clients property and they would like them removed to claim back the land. Tree surgeons take care of a multitude of tasks throughout the four seasons, maintaining trees is a full time and never ending pursuit throughout the year, keeping unwanted growth and foliage down to acceptable levels on many different types of properties and land projects.

Other Tree Surgeon abilities are to plant and regenerate new trees and advise customers of the correct trees to plant in their particular area or climate. Tree conservation is always important to any tree surgeon or arborist, they would rather save and preserve an existing tree than remove it altogether. But unfortunately and sadly some trees cannot be saved due to disease or damage and need to be removed before becoming too dangerous and hazardous to buildings or indeed human life.

Who is an Arborist?

An Arborist tree specialist can be highly regarded as a Doctor of trees. Rather like a tree surgeon can be classed like a surgeon in the medical world. Arborists go through rigorous academic and practical training at different levels ranging from City and Guilds to Master’s degrees in Forestry and Arboriculture. Arborists usually choose a specialised area to hone their skills and this could be anything like diagnosis and treatments of tree diseases, climbing and pruning, lightning protection cabling and bracing. Sometimes when an Arborist struggles to climb trees through advancing age or injury, they might move into another field of expertise like tree reports, surveying and consultancy work which is less demanding on the body. 

The main difference I would say between an Arborist and a regular tree surgeon is education. Certified Arborists hold the correct certification handed out by the “International Society of Arboriculture” Even here there are different levels and skills from a climber specialist, right up to a ISA Board certified master Arborist. 

What is the law against cutting trees?

The law against cutting trees in the Uk is actually quite complex. The protection of timber has been an issue for centuries, and many laws have been passed to protect forests from being taken away by humans. It can be difficult to tell what is illegal and what is not, but we will go through some of the most important questions and parts of the tree legislation acts

If you’re thinking about cutting down a tree, we have the answers to your questions. Whether it’s safety precautions or preservation laws that are getting in the way of making decisions on what course is best for your property and trees, our guide has information available from expert sources so no one will reach for their chainsaw before they get all necessary facts correct beforehand.

Do I need permission to cut down a tree or remove branches on my property in the UK?

If you own your home, one does not need permission to cut down a tree that is solely in your garden, unless it has been designated as needing preservation through the Tree Preservation Order or Conservation Area. If you are renting a house and cutting down trees on the rented property grounds, then you must first obtain permission from your landlord before undertaking any work of felling. One can always ask neighbours for help with branches which overhang onto neighbouring gardens/property but they are still owned by the owner of  the land where the trunk resides so it’s the owners responsibility if anything goes wrong, such as an unexpected direction in which branch falls upon neighbour’s garage, shed or outbuilding for example.

Is there a legal height for Neighbours trees?

Are you looking for some advice on what to do about the height of your neighbour’s trees? There are a few things that you can do. The first thing is to talk with them about it. They may not even realise that they have high tree branches and be more than happy to take care of the problem. If they don’t know, then ask them how tall their trees were when they bought the house or moved in. You could also check your local by-laws for information on legal height limits for trees, as this varies depending on where you live and local council rules and regulations.

What can I do if my Neighbours trees are too high and they are ignoring my complaints?

If you are unable to reach an agreement with your neighbours, then contact local authorities as they may be able to help. There is also a possibility that cutting down or trimming the trees might not solve the problem and in this case it would be advisable to consult with a qualified arborist for advice on how best to deal with high tree branches on neighbouring property. You can contact our local tree surgeons at Nottingham Tree Surgery and Arborist Service anytime for a FREE consultation and expert friendly advice for a way forward.

What do you do with dead ash trees?

A lifeless oak or ash can make for an eyesore on any property, so most people would want them removed quickly at all costs-including safety concerns such as unstable limbs. This means having professional tree surgeons handle this job from start to finish. Cutting down branch by branch (known as sectional dismantling) until removing the whole tree without damaging anyone or nearby property when they fall over during the disposal process (due largely to the tree’s overall weight and size) The average residential homeowner or business will not have the the right equipment to safely remove these large ash and oak trees. Also if the trees to be felled are dead, they will be brittle with loose bark and could collapse at any time, adding to the danger. This is why they should always be removed by specialist tree surgeons and Arborists.

Is it illegal to cut down trees when birds are nesting?

The bird nesting season is an important time for birds to find a safe place to raise young. Nesting occurs March 1st through July 31 and during this time the surrounding vegetation such as trees and hedges should be left untouched in order not disturb these fragile environments. Although it may seem impractical, there are exceptions that allow work on trees and hedges if done with care so as not to harm any nests or eggs residing nearby. Always keep safety at the top of your mind when running projects near wildlife habitats. To ensure the safety of nesting birds, before any work is carried out in this season a thorough visual survey needs to be completed. In most cases it will have been determined that there are no nesting birds present or if they are then as long as what you’re doing doesn’t disrupt their nest near your worksite everything should go smoothly and without incident. It’s not just about protecting them but also ensuring we protect ourselves by following these guidelines so everyone can coexist peacefully with minimal disturbance for both parties involved.The courts have been clear that the responsibility lies with both contractor and client to be aware of laws protecting nesting birds. For example, if you disturb a bird’s nest they may go ahead and delay work until all nests are empty, but this rule is not limited to just certain species of birds, all wild birds, as well as any eggs found in an unoccupied nest, will be protected from disturbance under these rules. This means it becomes your duty also, so make sure before beginning construction on your property that there isn’t anything laid by terns or swallows.

For more frequently asked questions and answers, refer to our FAQ page. Also see our helpful links for more information.

“They gave us some great advice on the right trees to plant in our local area, and did an excellent job in planning where I placed them for optimum effect. Ever so happy with the results and service they provided for me. I am now looking forward to the trees to grow and mature. I will definitely have these chaps back to prune and maintain my trees when they eventually require this service. Great job and nice people” – Terry Spencer

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