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The world of tarot card

What type of deck is best to start? What are the easiest runs? How to protect my Tarot deck? Which one to buy? What do the arcana mean? Interest in the Tarot is growing all over the world and more and more people are approaching different places to study this millenary discipline.

According to astrologers and tarot readers, it is a one-way trip. When you discover the magic of making card runs to answer key questions of your path, they say, you will never be able to abandon this wonderful practice. Also, it can be a fun space to share with your friends. Some tips to start throwing the Tarot. There are some terms like phone psychic reading which people are seems to be inclined towards. Though the term sounds cool, but it is not at all an easy one to learn.

How to start throwing the cards?

We could think of the Tarot as a dynamic and mobile book by which 78 phrases or 78 letters are combined and circulated. According to where in a reading comes each letter will be the interpretation that we can give to what the Tarot is not saying, explain the astrologers.

What Tarot deck to buy?

There are several Tarot decks; the ideal is to look at the cards before buying a deck, since it is preferable that all of your cards contain significant images that help in their interpretation. Some decks reproduce the original design where the minor arcana are the same as the Spanish cards, that is, they only show clubs, swords, golds and cups.

How to protect the deck?

Once the purchase of your deck, the ideal is to store it in a cloth and cloth bag preferably violet to protect the cards (color protection, regeneration and balance that joins the tranquillity of blue with the stimulation of red). Alchemizes the divine energy and makes it visible and understandable. The idea is that each time a Tarot reading is made, put the cards on the violet cloth. It is also suggested to go to the letters about the smoke of incense and some night of the full moon to leave them for a few minutes to receive the light of the moon.

How to ask?

Another fundamental step is to correctly ask the question, find what you really want to know and order it correctly. This leads to awareness of the fears and to re-signifying desires. It helps to realize that in general you ask negatively: “Are you sick?” Or “Are you going to separate?” When, in truth, the correct way to ask would be “How are you doing?” How are you with your partner? “In this way, if you answer a positive letter the answer will be affirmative and on the contrary if you answer a complicated letter the answer will be negative. Do you want to know the meaning of the arcana that comes out?

There are three basic readings of the Tarot:

Simple Roll: Used to answer specific questions:

1.- Consultant.

2.- Environment.

3.- Answer.

Horseshoe: It is used for an overview, no need to ask any questions.

A card is selected from the deck before cutting, which symbolizes how the consultant is: “C” and is located in the center.

The deck is cut and the cards are distributed in the following order:

  1. Family and home.
  2. Money and business.
  3. Love life.
  4. Profession and social achievements.
  5. The shadow, what you cannot see of yourself that translates into enemies or situations of adversity.
  6. Possibility of Growth: Earnings, with which energy it is possible to expand.
  7. Advice or Learning.

Couple linkage: It is used to ask for couple bonds, or any other kind of link, two people that want to deepen in how it is being lived by both parties.

* Open the fan and take out 3 cards.

1st letter: take out with the left hand, represents how the other is.

2nd letter: take out with the right hand, represents how is the cons