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According to some reports, Ouija boards can make contact with ghosts and the deceased. The summoned entity can use a marker to indicate letters or phrases, thus bringing messages to those present. But of course, certain precautions must first be taken so that contact and communication can come about. First of all, the place itself where you use the Ouija board is important. It should not be too bright. It is therefore advisable to pull the curtains in front of the windows and thus create a scary mood. Of course, candles can be lit as well.

Be careful not to hold a séance with an Ouija board in broad daylight. As a rule, you should not start the session until 8 pm, which also improves the atmosphere. Best place the Ouija board in front of you on the middle of a table. When positioning, make sure that everyone involved has a good view of the events. A typical Ouija session lasts between 20 and 40 minutes. In order to keep this period, you should keep an eye on the time. You can of course use a clock, but it is more atmospheric when you measure the time with the burn time of an incense stick or a candle.Before you can start, of course, the questions should be clarified, which you want to ask the mind. You can memorize these and memorize them or put paper and pencil next to the board. Here you can then record the questions and also the answers during the session.

Choose from your group someone who will communicate with the mind and take over speaking during the session. The selected person is placed centrally in front of the board, all other present ones position themselves so that they are within reach of the marker. It is important to make sure that any interfering noise source, cell phones, etc., are turned off before the session. These disturb the atmosphere and the personal experience.

The sequence

An ouija board should always be used by at least two people for mediums online. The course of each session is the same and will be explained to you with the following steps.Those present begin by placing one or more fingers on the marker so everyone is in contact with it. It is important to be able to reach the marker easily and comfortably and not have to dislocate it.

The previously selected person who is to communicate with the mind starts the session by asking himself some opening questions. These can, for example, “Is a ghost in this room?” or, if you know the name of the Spirit, “Is X present and would like to answer us?” ring.The ouija board should now take effect and the marker should turn to “yes” or “no”. Unless it works the same way, you should be patient. It often takes some time to get the first answers.

If you get an answer, you should then ask the question whether it is a benign mind. If this is the case, the session can continue as planned, asking questions one-at-a-time, and the mind then answers. If the question of the benevolent mentality of the mind is answered “no,” you should stop the session.If you have asked all the questions that you want answered, or has already passed too much time, you should end the session. For that one thanks the spirit and says goodbye.

Information and important information about the Ouija board

The effect of Ouija boards and the communication with ghosts are of course scientifically not proven.

For many, this is just a teen game. This can be seen in the fact that Ouija boards are already being marketed by toy manufacturers.